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    • Give Us the Sun

      September 17, 2019

      Dear Families: On Friday, the young people of New York will be reminding us of the fragility of our future and our need to take action.  Many of our second to fifth grade classes...   Read More

    • Mix It Up Days

      September 13, 2019

      Dear Families:   This week and next Monday while parents meet with teachers to share their stories of their children, we meet with your children.  We spend the morning going over the basics of...   Read More

    • “You’re in for a treat”

      September 6, 2019

      Dear Families:   Yesterday our school yard was a sea of humanity as children gathered with their parents looking for a new and unknown teacher or two.  You could feel the anticipation in the...   Read More

    • “Democracy has to be born anew every generation, and education is its midwife.” – John Dewey

      August 30, 2019

      Dear Families: Welcome to the 2019 – 2020 school year! In this packet, you will be inundated with lots of information.  You will hear from your child’s teacher(s), the AfterSchool program, the PTA and...   Read More

    • Powerful Work is Contagious

      June 17, 2019

      Dear Families: On Friday, we celebrated with many of you visiting lots of rooms and learning that powerful work at BNS is contagious.  Witness just a few examples below: And here are some links provided...   Read More

    • Questions are More Important than Answers

      June 10, 2019

      Dear Families: In the last few weeks, we have been demonstrating the impact of media.  You saw how BNS participated in a social action project, working to gather shoes for Syrian refugees.  Then we...   Read More

  • Community Events


      September 23, 2019
      September 26, 2019
      8:10 AM - 4:00 PM

      You all are invited to the BNS/BCS FALL BOOK FAIR to share in a celebration of books and reading.  Not only does the BNS/BCS FALL BOOK FAIR help raise funds to purchase essential classroom...   Read More

    • BNS Curriculum Night

      September 24, 2019
      5:00PM - 7:00PM

      If you can only join us for one event this year, it should be Curriculum Night. Curriculum Night is your opportunity to hear about what to expect this year: what does the curriculum look...   Read More

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