• Diane & Malika's Letters, News and Updates

    • Take Pause and Show Gratitude

      November 24, 2021

      Dear Families, Today is the 49th day of school. It is only the fourth day that our entire community has been together during this time of year in two years: on Nov 18, 2020,...   Read More

    • Pop Ups and Recovery

      November 19, 2021

      Dear Families, Last school year, in January and February, there was a whirlwind of cautious excitement and collaboration amongst our staff community, as the COVID-19 vaccine was live and ready for adult administration.  We...   Read More

    • “I want to be an everything”

      November 6, 2021

      Dear Families, A chill in the air and crunchy leaves on the ground, it is truly fall. Today is AppleFest, a long-standing BNS/BCS tradition, a celebration of unity and togetherness. We hope to see...   Read More

    • Alumni Night: Talking about the Transition to Middle School

      October 29, 2021

      Dear Families: On Wednesday evening, we were part of something special. Alumni Night is a BNS event for fifth graders and their families to listen to BNS graduates who visit us to share their...   Read More

    • Bringing kindness and understanding

      October 19, 2021

      Dear Families,   We write this week, contemplative and with care in mind.  After another round of classroom closures affecting many families and staff in our community, we are soberly reminded of the ongoing fragility...   Read More

    • Sometimes, projects take more time than we expect

      October 19, 2021

      Dear Families, One windy Sunday in April 2016, the weather shook loose a panel of stucco affixed to the exterior of 610 Henry St, which came down onto the roof of the school cafeteria....   Read More

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