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    • And now we are remote

      November 23, 2020

      Dear Families: We learned that New York City public schools would be going completely remote on Wednesday afternoon, November 18th.   We immediately sent an email to families and informed our staff.  Shelley graciously came to...   Read More

    • Giving Thanks

      November 16, 2020

      Dear Families: We wanted to take a moment to give thanks, thanks for all of your children and thanks for your support as we work together to create a school year unlike no other....   Read More

    • Reflection and Processing

      November 9, 2020

      Dear Families: Pandemic school and remote learning has given us lots of opportunities for reflection and processing.  It has also opened up the world via the internet and Zoom. Last week, we wrote to...   Read More

    • “Elementary School Really Formed Me”

      November 2, 2020

      Dear Families: A few weeks ago, Kemala Karmen, parent of BNS graduates Asha and Talya, sent us an email.  She wrote, “I don’t see everything Talya writes, but we were talking about the “Food Pathway”...   Read More

    • The Wind Instruments were Masked as Well

      October 26, 2020

      Dear Families: I wanted to take a moment to thank Sarah Ferholt, one of our music teachers, for her leadership.   Thanks also go to David Haiman and the other instrumental teachers.  Thanks too...   Read More

    • To Be Apart and Come Together

      October 19, 2020

      Dear Families: If we have learned nothing else from this fall, let’s recognize that life is not something that we can easily control and that sometimes, we just have to take it day by...   Read More


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