“You’re in for a treat”

Dear Families:


Yesterday our school yard was a sea of humanity as children gathered with their parents looking for a new and unknown teacher or two.  You could feel the anticipation in the air.  


As the day wore on, bodies relaxed and by the afternoon, it felt like it could have been any day in the middle of the year.  How quickly we adjusted.

We welcome our new pre-k and kindergarten families, participating right now in that slow and never ending phase in process, a ritual that ensures comfort in the days ahead.  


We welcome too our new students in grades one to five.  We hope that as they come to know us, they embrace our approach, our community and the work that we are about to embark on.  


Know as Fern Puckette, a student in Jessica and Carrie’s fourth grade class, told Satvi Haber, a new child in Amy and Penina’s second grade that, “You’re in for a treat.”


All for now,






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