Reflection and Pause

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Dear Families:


May we wish everyone the possibility of reflection and pause during the days that once were titled, “Spring Break”.  As each of us sits in our homes, separated by screens and able only to communicate via the internet and the telephone, we take a moment to honor the arrival of spring.  We hope that wherever you are, you can see a glimpse of this season of rejuvenation.   


During this week, some teachers, educational assistants and related service providers will be signing off in order to be with their families for religious occasions while others will continue with daily remote programming.  As families, you, too, will either be stepping back in honor of your beliefs or stepping forward, wanting the consistent routine that has begun. Please know that we respect everyone’s needs and ask that you do what is best for your child and family.  


Know too that there is lots for your child to do.  Consider this time catch up time and encourage your child to finish uncompleted work or to improve submitted assignments.  Consider this week an opportunity to participate in the many activities out there whether this be the Government Club’s presentation on climate change and plastic, happening on Tuesday at 11:30, Jim’s teaching of Strings happening daily at 3, or José’s drum and dance sessions.   You can also check out the Brooklyn Arts Exchange’s many offerings. Look for the links to these gatherings on Konstella. Go to our video library and enjoy the numerous read alouds offered by our staff. And check out the activities planned by others including for example the HomeSchool Coop organized by BNS parents and alumni families, complete with sessions such as the 8 AM daily Cat Chat.  By the way, if the technology knowledge is all too much, make a point of going to one of Ed’s Tech Support sessions. He will help you to help your kids do all of these wonderful activities (All of these links can be accessed via Konstella).


Throughout these seven days, work and planning will continue.  Feel free to reach out to us anytime you have a question, wondering or need.  We miss all of your children and love hearing from you and them.


Lastly, we have heard of a number of families of students and staff who are supporting relatives who are suffering from COVID-19.  We think of all of you every day and want so much for things to get better. In the meantime, stay safe, and treasure your time with your loved ones.   



All for now,


Anna and Diane 



Quote of the week:


Second Grader Charlie in Amanda’s class has some important messages to share with all of us.  Check out his stop motion short film here. 





Please check Konstella for links to our gatherings.

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