“Mistakes are Beautiful”

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Dear Families:

There are times at school and home when we see the impact of our teaching.  Last week when first grader, Etta, told her mom that her teacher, Bill, said that mistakes are beautiful was one of those moments.  

And this Friday morning on December 7th will be another such moment.  Our third grade students will share the personal narratives that they have been writing.  Parents will have an opportunity to read and hear lots of third grade written text, a result of many weeks of hard work.  

Observant parents will notice evidence of teachers’ consistent expectations for the students, enabling each of them to produce work of high caliber.  

Parents will see evidence of the lessons that made this writing possible, thus helping parents to understand more about the process students go through to complete their written pieces.  

Consider this story diagram on the Promethean Board showcasing the Writing Process.  

See how many steps and how much work is behind the publication of each piece.   The writing starts in the writer’s notebook, continues onto yellow drafting pages and culminates in the finished product.

The inclusion of the drafts, along with lesson artifacts are clear markers of the work, which honor the writing process, pushing children from ‘mistakes’ to a piece to be proud of.

All for now,


Quote of the Week:

At MS 839, the sixth grade students go on a three day overnight expedition to Fishkill. When they return, they work in teams to reflect their experience.  One group decided to create a tree with its branches holding a basket as a way of representing the teamwork and collaboration they had experienced.  When hearing the idea of the tree being made of papier mache, Shanti Baez, a BNS graduate remarked, “Oh, papier mache, I went to BNS. I got this.”




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