Mid Year Reflections and the Musical

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Dear Families: 

In January, a group of parents and staff from the BNS SLT spent time looking at the feedback shared on the BNS Remote Learning Survey.   

From the 230 responses, they extracted 5 main threads on which to focus: 

Kid to Kid Connections
Creating Together
Projects Over Time
Connections to Teachers
Small Group Instruction  

With these 5 guiding topics, our most recent staff meeting found us in breakout groups where we reflected on the things going well, and that which was hard, while we also listened and learned, receiving great ideas from our colleagues.    

In addition to looking at ways individual teachers could enhance remote learning, we spoke about how parents and administrators could support the remote instruction.  Topics ranged from cooking to choice time to recess. 

We discussed the recent midyear reflections that parents have received and wondered how this document would inform parental understanding of their child’s growth in these pandemic times.  Please be sure to read this report with an eye to seeing if the teachers and you are on the same page about your child’s learning.  Keep in mind that in March, you will be meeting with your child’s teachers so now is the time to think through your questions in preparation for this conference.  

As we enter the spring, we take a moment to congratulate all of you and all of the staff on your energy, your effort, and your care for our children.  If we have learned nothing else during the past year, we have learned that our community is a strong one and that together we can do what is right and necessary for our children. 

Don’t miss the 2021 4th Grade Musical, Last Night I had the Strangest Dream, on Wednesday March 3 @ 5 pm.  Everyone needs to register at https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_ZLYIBJNORaqkaiv06jhV9A 

All for now, 
Anna, Diane and Malika 

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