Magical Things Happen in AfterSchool

Dear Families

For the past four years, our AfterSchool program has been run by Shalisha Jackson. Shalisha worked as a paraprofessional at BNS for 8 years before taking over the position of Director of AfterSchool. She has made significant improvements to the program, including creating special rooms for pre-K and K children and implementing methods of online payment and communications. We are also lucky that so many BNS educational assistants (paraprofessionals) choose to work with our kids in AfterSchool, helping us create an environment where children see familiar faces and extend the relationships they make during the school day.


The AfterSchool program is an important part of our equity work: Shalisha and our AfterSchool Advisory Group have worked to keep the program afloat and at the same time offer the services at significantly reduced cost for families struggling economically. Almost half of BNS families rely on AfterSchool at some point during the year. This model— those who can pay do and those who can’t pay less— is a continuation of our commitment to progressive education and should be available to all kids in our unequal city. 

Magical things happen in AfterSchool that can’t always happen during class time–Impromptu dance parties, workshops with José, and kids enjoying unstructured play. In addition, a group of parent volunteers works to create a set of paid workshops to offer kids enrichment— from Arabic to Survival Skills, Piano to Filmmaking. There are scholarships available for the paid workshops. You can direct questions or share ideas for improvement with

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