Keeping Our BNS Community in Our Hearts

Dear Families:

We return to our building as Cohort A resumes in-person learning.  We do this despite knowing of nine recent cases of Covid within our community.  Without a doubt, this makes many of us nervous and worried and many a staff member or parent anxious about our presence at 610 Henry Street.  

We know that the added precautions of weekly COVID testing as well as the mandatory use of the revised daily screener will help to keep us safe.  But we also know that  a new case or two of Covid- 19 could result in the school being closed.  This leads to feelings of confusion, frustration, fear, and even anger.  

We have heard from many of you and many of our staff.  Please know that your opinions are diverse and you do not all see this the same way. As administrators, we have made a point of listening to and learning from the many different perspectives.  We must accept that our life has changed and no matter how much we would like it to be otherwise, December 2020 is not at all like December 2019. 

We have heard many arguments about the pros and cons of in-person and remote learning.  We have heard very different perceptions related to the effectiveness of this year’s teaching.  In our hearts, we know only one thing and that is that whether your child is coming to school five days a week, staying at home or doing a little bit of both, this year is like no other.  

Parents and officials worry that children will be behind.  Some think that learning can no longer happen effectively, but make no mistake about it.  Our children are learning.  They are learning more this year than perhaps any of us learned when we were in elementary school.  They  are learning about pandemics and grief, loss, and illness.  They are learning about social justice, political upheaval, and trauma.  They are learning about masks and social distance and the fear of touch.  They are learning.

So whether or not you think the school building should be open, whether or not you think remote learning works, whether or not your child needs a play date, and whether or not you miss forest school and shore school, let us remember that what matters most is us being together, caring, loving, teaching, and supporting each other and our children.

We all want to return to the pre-COVID-19 school life.  We all want to go back to normal.  We must accept that this can not yet happen, but that we can pay attention to our children and take care of them and each other.

You may believe deeply that in-person learning is essential.  You may believe deeply that being at home is mandatory.  Either way, what is important is that you believe it deeply.  

And you may simply not know what is best and that is fine too. After all, if nothing else is true, we do know that our knowledge of Covid is constantly changing.

May we enter the winter months keeping our BNS community in our hearts. 

All for now,

Anna and Diane and Malika

Quotes of the Week:

On Murayama in Doug’s kindergarten class was playing with Magna Tiles and said,  “I have to be socially distant from the screen.”

Another time  Marty Ginsburg participated in Doug’s class’  “boat” show.  Yep, he and his boat were in the tub.  Lucky, mom was nearby to unmute him. 

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