Immersed in Museums and Music

Dear Families:

We return to school after a week’s break, which hopefully was restful for all.  Of course, because it is BNS, we are immediately back in action with our third graders doing their first ever performance based assessment.  If you want to learn more about this very powerful assessment process, please join us and volunteer a morning or afternoon to learn how we know what the kids know.   Read more about the PBAs here and sign up to help, if you can! 

We are still thinking back to the weeks before the winter break when we as a school were immersed in museums and music.  There was so much to learn about the world and of course, about our students.  

West Africa, the Eastern Woodlands Native Americans and the Maya were our topics not to mention a powerful example of student voice as demonstrated in the fourth grade musical. 

Older children talked with younger children, and many a five, six or seven year old could be observed wandering around the exhibits escorted by an eight, nine or ten year old.  It was a pleasure to look at the wonder in their faces while also enjoying their excitement at the hands-on opportunities whether this be shooting a spear, playing a ball game or even chiseling wood.  Beyond the projects, there was evidence of much writing and it is hoped that parents and teachers took a moment to process these texts.  

Throughout these two weeks, we felt pride, pride in our kids, pride in our teachers, pride in all of you, and pride in our school.  Let’s keep the energy up as we enter the spring semester.

All for now,

Anna & Diane


We will be hosting the second and last parent breakfast for kindergarten families on Thursday morning at 8:20 in the art room.  We hope to see you then.


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