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Museum Week

Anna's LettersComments Off on Museum Week

Dear Families:   We embark on one of our favorite weeks here at the Brooklyn New School: Museum Week.  Make a point of getting to the museum this week. You need not go to...   Read More

Giving Children What They Need in School

Anna's LettersComments Off on Giving Children What They Need in School

Dear Families: In case you missed it, we wanted to share a little about the January Parents As Learning Partners session.  The focus of this morning was around giving children what they need in...   Read More

“Who are You Going to Believe, Me or Your Own Eyes?”

Anna's LettersComments Off on “Who are You Going to Believe, Me or Your Own Eyes?”

Dear Families:   Public school administrators were all anxious last week when it was time for New York State to release the list of schools needing comprehensive and targeted support.   Many a school was...   Read More

Traveling on the Literacy Continuum

Anna's LettersComments Off on Traveling on the Literacy Continuum

Dear Families:   We take a moment to catch you up on another Parents As Learning Partners session.   On December 5th, our literacy expert, Becky Eaton, did a workshop for parents of children...   Read More

Celebrating a Life

Anna's LettersComments Off on Celebrating a Life

Dear Families:   We returned to school on January 2, 2019 only to hear that the year had opened with the saddest of news.  On January 1, 2019, one of our beloved paraprofessionals, Valerie...   Read More

“327 + 414…. I’m not scared.”

Anna's LettersComments Off on “327 + 414…. I’m not scared.”

Dear Families: On February 27th, fifty of our fourth grade students will participate in the NAEP.  This is the first time that  our school has been selected to be a part of the National...   Read More

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