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No. 23    February 9, 2020

A Busy Week Ahead

So much activity and hard work is culminating THIS WEEK. The 4th graders finished their Eastern Woodlands museum last week and will now dive right into the musical. The 3rd graders will have their very first museum on West Africa this week, and the 5th graders will have their Maya museum, too. The younger grades will have the opportunity to visit the museums and learn from the older classes.

A big shout-out to all the parents who have come in and helped out with Project Time and the amazing museums. We couldn’t make these wonderful experiences happen without you!

REMINDER: NYC school public schools are closed for midwinter break from Monday, February 17 through Friday, February 21. We hope you all enjoy the break. Our kiddos have earned it!

But first, here’s a closer look at this jam-packed week…

Same PTA Meeting, Different Date

Tuesday, February 11 @ 8:20am in the Art Room (Room 103)

All parents and guardians of BNS students are members of the PTA! Join the executive committee and your fellow BNS parents for the general PTA meeting to discuss the future of fundraising, upcoming events, and more. Coffee will be served.

Big Thanks to the Lice Brigade

Thank you to Sara Gable (mom to Captain in pre-K) and Georgina Aymerich Dentz (mom to Clementine in 3rd grade) for tackling lice checks last week. A few nits were discovered, saving our families the trouble and cost of dealing with future classroom lice outbreaks.

Sara could use a few more good people to help finish the school-wide checks on Monday and Tuesday next week. Give her a shout at

Use Your Voice!

Thursday, February 13 @ 5:00pm in the Auditorium

The 4th grade musical is finally here! Support our 4th graders by coming out to watch their big performance.

The School Food Committee will be hosting a food sale during the musical. The 4th graders will get pizza, but for families and friends attending the event, there will be sandwiches and fresh juices made with local farm ingredients for sale.


The SFC is starting a Farm Stand at BNS, a fresh produce market at school. This Wednesday after school, there will be some eggs, honey, and greens available for those who didn’t preorder. The order form and info for the next Farm Stand will be sent home after the midwinter break. The first school-wide distribution will be Wednesday, March 25.

Beards for BNS Is Growing

We just broke the $1,500 mark, and the month has only just begun! We’d still love for you to join us and help us hit our goal of $5,000.

It’s simple: Don’t shave, and get your friends and family to pledge your growth. Our current pledge leader is Charles Dean, the godfather of 3rd grader Bella D’Arcangelo.

To set up a Facebook fundraiser, go to, click “Raise Money for a Nonprofit,” search for “Friends of the BKLYN New School,” then follow the prompts. 100% of the funds come to BNS.

Or you can pass along the public Konstella link to your friends and family.

Remember to post pics of your progress, and share them with us at beardsforbns@gmail.

BNS Parent Book Club

In partnership with the BNS staff Race and Equity Committee, the School Leadership Team has elected to read Black Appetite, White Food: Issues of Race, Voice, and Justice Within and Beyond the Classroom by Jamila Lyiscott. There will be a group discussion of the book on the evening of Thursday, March 19 (location TBD). All family members are invited to read along and join the discussion.

A very limited number of ebook copies are available. Contact AP Diane at


Thank you to everyone who purchased items from the Equal Exchange FarmRaiser sale. Your orders will be sent home via backpack mail on Thursday, February 13. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Sign Up for Makerfest 2020

Saturday, March 14

Makerfest is a go for Pi Day, and Casey Court (mom to Zola in 1st grade) is the point person. There will be lots more information coming soon, but if you want to run a station or help organize, please reach out to her a

Makerfest is a beloved family event held in the BNS cafeteria. Inspired by the maker movement and MakerFaire, it’s a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness full of fun activities for kids and parents alike.

Your Donations Matter

It’s not too late to stick a few dollars into the hand-decorated envelope that was sent home in January. Can’t find your envelope? Donations to the PTA are as easy as clicking here. Every contribution you make matters.

The PTA received a lovely note from Monique, the cluster teacher for Wellness Fun, Health, and so much more, and we wanted to share it with you. Your holiday gifts support her work with our children, in addition to the classroom teachers and other cluster teachers. Thank you for supporting them!

💡 Energy Conservation at School

Among the exciting ideas discussed at last week’s Green Committee meeting was a desire to get back to the basics of energy conservation at BNS and in the homes of our families. Amid the climate change crisis and resulting anxiety, kids can initiate some agency in their environment by paying attention to how much trash they produce and working toward minimizing that output. They can take action by turning off lights, using less water, wasting less food, ordering less takeout, etc. Living in the city makes things super convenient, and it’s sometimes hard to remember that all that trash has to go somewhere.

The Green Committee would like to encourage all community members (including staff and those who spend time in the building) to recall the energy-saving techniques that we know work on a local level. Use the recycling and compost bins at school. Reflect on the difference you can make at school and at home. 

To get involved with the Green Committee, please go here.


The 2nd grade bake sale raised $659 on Friday. Thanks to all who brought and bought treats!

Mindful Monday Meditation Series

Monday, February 10 @ 8:20am in the Dance Studio (Under the Gym)

Find us in the dance studio, which is down the stairs below the left side of the gym. We’ll sit in meditation, learn some techniques, and discuss the practice. A great way to come home to self before the workweek!

Please join our social group on Konstella for happenings around mindfulness and meditation at BNS.

📚 Open Library

Tuesday, February 11 @ 2:30pm in the Library (Room 401)

Open Library is every Tuesday when we invite BNS students to enjoy our library with their grown-up after school until 3:20pm. Come upstairs to browse and borrow books, play board games, get a head start on homework, and read… aloud or side by side.

Snacks are available for purchase or you may bring your own. We look forward to seeing new and familiar faces in our library!

Remembering Pauline

Tuesday, February 11 @ 2:45pm

Staff and parents will gather to remember long-time BNS pre-K educational assistant Pauline Headlam. More details coming soon.

Parents as Learning Partners

Thursday, February 13 @ 8:20am in the Art Room (Room 103)

Join Principal Anna and Assistant Principal Diane to learn about BNS’s innovative grade-wide museums and performance-based assessments (PBAs). Afterward, Anna and Diane will lead a tour of the 3rd grade West African museum on the 3rd floor.

City Harvest Collection Ends Tuesday

Drop Off in Room 322 or Room 105B

Amy and Penina’s 2nd grade class is collecting non-perishable food until February 11 to support City Harvest. Their goal is to collect 600 items of food, such as canned tuna and salmon, canned fruits and vegetables, beans, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter, cereal, rice, and pasta. No glass jars, no items bagged by you in the bulk section, and no expired foods—everything must be sealed, boxed, or canned. Thank you!

Going to Barclays? Support BNS!

Buy tickets for official events at Barclays Center and raise money for our school!

The Harlem Globetrotters are coming to the Barclays Center on February 16 and $5 goes directly to BNS for EVERY ticket you buy using this link.

Tickets are also discounted so they are CHEAPER than buying direct from the venue. Anyone can buy tickets through our exclusive link, so please share with family and friends and your other communities. It’s a fun and easy way to raise money for our school.

Other events coming in February and March include Jurassic World (buy tickets now using the same link) and Atlantic 10 college basketball March Madness.

After the Break…

Mindful Mondays: Monday, February 24 @ 8:20am in the Dance Studio
Come sit in meditation, learn some techniques, discuss the practice, then head off to work.

Open Library: Tuesday, February 25 @ 2:30pm in the Library
Fun time in the library after school.

Bake Sale: Tuesday, February 25 @ 2:30pm in the Cafeteria
Educational assistant Margaret will be hosting a bake sale to support breast cancer research.

Kindergarten Parent Breakfast: Thursday, February 27 @ 8:20am in Room 103
Join Anna and Diane and fellow kindergarten parents to discuss all things kindergarten.

Grant Writing Committee Meeting: Thursday, February 27 @ 9:00am via Zoom
Join us from your home or office to discuss upcoming grant-writing initiatives.


School lunch is free for all students. This month’s menu is posted here.


  • AMY TATE, Co-President, mom to Veda (3rd grade)
  • ANNA CATHERINE RUTLEDGE, Interim Co-President and Fundraising Chair, mom to Harry (5th grade) & Walsh (3rd grade)
  • JOCELYN LEAVITT, Co-Treasurer, mom to Makua (1st grade)
  • ALTHEA WESSELING-GOTTINGAR, Co-Treasurer, mom to Shane (3rd grade) & Avery (kindergarten)
  • JENNIFER ECK, Correspondence Secretary, mom to Desmond (3rd grade) & Cecelia (kindergarten)
  • ELYSE NEIMAN SEITER, Social Media Manager, mom to Lola (5th grade) & Aidan (2nd grade)
  • MC RUEDA-HILGENDORF, Web Coordinator, mom to Oliver (3rd grade) & Inez (1st grade)
  • RADHIKA CHALASANI, Communications Chair, mom to Anila (1st grade)
  • CAROLYN McGOWN, Food Sales Chair, mom to Ophelia (5th grade) & Lorelei (3rd grade)
  • HANNAH NUDELL, mom to Eliza (1st grade)
  • JAIME FRANKLIN, mom to Kennedy (2nd grade) & Atticus (kindergarten)
  • LAURA TREVINO, mom to Emilia (pre-K)
  • LISA CORTES, mom to Nia (1st grade)
  • MATTHEW HALL, dad to Lucia (5th grade)

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