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No. 19    January 12, 2020

This Week at BNS

We’re back in full swing this week, and a lot is happening in the classrooms and behind the scenes. Our 5th graders are planning the yearbook, our 4th graders are working on the musical, our 3rd graders are gearing up for the Africa Museum, and the PTA has a couple of interesting fundraisers brewing, one of which involves a heavy ask on dads and other men in the BNS community. Here’s what to look for this week!

Parents as Learning Partners: Math and Mathematical Thinking

Thursday, January 16 @ 8:20am in Room 103

Come and learn about the vision behind the BNS math program. Shirley, our math coach, will talk theoretically and practically about why we do what we do at BNS. In March, we will be diving deeper in breakout sessions into the math for K–2 parents and 3–5 parents.


Friday’s bake sale and movie night were hosted by the 3rd grade to generate funds to support our school. The bake sale raised $722, and movie night brought in $990. Nice job!

PTA Meeting Minutes and Tech Talk Notes

If you couldn’t make it to last week’s PTA meeting and Tech Talk, check out the notes here.

The PTA needs a recording secretary, and our biggest fundraiser of the spring needs a party planner. Can you step up?

On tech issues, it was reassuring to hear that many parents in our community have the same struggles with setting limits on tech use as we raise our kids in this device-dominated world, which is so different from the world we grew up in. Our teachers and specialists shared their thoughts and offered up strategies and suggestions to use at home.

Thanks to all who contributed to this important and ongoing discussion!

Class Parent Check-in

Wednesday, January 15 @ 8:20am in the Art Room (Room 103)

Join your fellow class parents to chat about what’s working, what’s not, and what’s coming up for the remainder of the year.

Mindful Monday Series

Monday, January 13 @ 8:20am in the Dance Studio (Under the Gym)

Find us in the dance studio, which is down the stairs below the left side of the gym. We’ll sit in meditation, learn some techniques, and discuss the practice. A great way to come home to self before the workweek!

📚 Open Library

Tuesday, January 14 @ 2:30pm in the Library (Room 401)

Open Library is every Tuesday when we invite BNS students to enjoy our library with their grown-up after school until 3:20pm. Come upstairs to browse and borrow books, play board games, get a head start on homework, and read… aloud or side by side.

Snacks are available for purchase or you may bring your own. We look forward to seeing new and familiar faces in our library!

Barclays and BNS

Buy tickets for official events at Barclays Center and raise money for our school!

The Harlem Globetrotters are coming to the Barclays Center on February 16 and $5 goes directly to BNS for EVERY ticket you buy using this link:

Tickets are also discounted so they are CHEAPER than buying direct from the venue. Anyone can buy tickets through our exclusive link, so please share with family and friends and your other communities. It’s a fun and easy way to raise money for our school.

Other events coming in February and March include Jurassic World (buy tickets now using the same link) and Atlantic 10 college basketball March Madness.

Looking Ahead…

No School: Monday, January 20
School will be closed for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Friends of BNS: Tuesday, January 21 @ 8:20am in Room 105B
We need ideas and people power to help our small but dedicated team raise critical funding for our school. Come to the meeting to find out how you can help!

Open Library: Tuesday, January 21 @ 2:30pm in the Library
Fun time in the library after school.

2nd Grade Parent Breakfast: Thursday, January 23 @ 8:20am in Room 103
Join Anna and Diane and fellow 2nd grade parents to chat about all things 2nd grade.


School lunch is free for all students. This month’s menu is posted here.

BNS PTA 2019–2020

  • AMY TATE, Co-President, mom to Veda (3rd grade)
  • ANNA CATHERINE RUTLEDGE, Interim Co-President and Fundraising Chair, mom to Harry (5th grade) & Walsh (3rd grade)
  • JOCELYN LEAVITT, Co-Treasurer, mom to Makua (1st grade)
  • ALTHEA WESSELING-GOTTINGAR, Co-Treasurer, mom to Shane (3rd grade) & Avery (kindergarten)
  • JENNIFER ECK, Correspondence Secretary, mom to Desmond (3rd grade) & Cecelia (kindergarten)
  • ELYSE NEIMAN SEITER, Social Media Manager, mom to Lola (5th grade) & Aidan (2nd grade)
  • MC RUEDA-HILGENDORF, Web Coordinator, mom to Oliver (3rd grade) & Inez (1st grade)
  • RADHIKA CHALASANI, Communications Chair, mom to Anila (1st grade)
  • CAROLYN McGOWN, Food Sales Chair, mom to Ophelia (5th grade) & Lorelei (3rd grade)
  • HANNAH NUDELL, mom to Eliza (1st grade)
  • JAIME FRANKLIN, mom to Kennedy (2nd grade) & Atticus (kindergarten)
  • LAURA TREVINO, mom to Emilia (pre-K)
  • LISA CORTES, mom to Nia (1st grade)
  • MATTHEW HALL, dad to Lucia (5th grade)

Contact the 2019–2020 BNS PTA at

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