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No. 6      October 18, 2020

Dear BNS Families,

We hope you had a chance to participate in Curriculum Night last week. If you didn’t, no problem—just email a member of the admin team or your child’s teachers for the recording. It was lovely and also a sad reminder of the times in which we are immersed. Fourth grade teacher Carrie nailed the BNS strategy, though, when she said: “We are meeting your children where they are right now, not where we think they should be.” It was obvious how hard it all is for the teachers and staff, and the loss of having to cut out so much of their beloved curriculum. But it was also clear how this stretch has allowed their creativity, intellect, and warmth to thrive. We love you, teachers and teaching staff!

Please consider joining the PTA Executive Committee in the important effort of maintaining community during this incredibly difficult time. Truth be told, we are in desperation mode, and really need to fill the Co-Treasurer post and the Co-President position. Check out the job descriptions and consider if you can put this on your plate for the next two years. The benefits are great: You get to participate in school leadership in a way that feels surprising for a volunteer position. There are opportunities to get involved in district and city-wide education policy and leadership groups, and you get to work with groups of fiercely dedicated, thoughtful, and kind BNS families who work hard to make things happen for our school.

There is a lot going on this week. Keep reading for all the details!



Help BNS get the federal, state, and city funds we are entitled to. Fill out your School Lunch Form here (also called the Family Income Inquiry Form). BNS is listed as 15K146 – PS 146.

Every family needs to fill out this form every year, regardless of whether your child eats school lunch or home lunch.

Please complete your form online today.

☕ Grade-Level Check-ins with Anna and Diane

This week, Anna and Diane will have Zoom check-ins with parents in pre-K through 2nd grade (3rd through 5th grade will meet next week). Meet other parents on your grade level, hear a message from educational teams, and ask your questions. These meetings are scheduled for half an hour.

  • Pre-K: Friday, October 23 @ 9:30am
  • Kindergarten: Friday, October 23 @ 10:00am
  • Grade 1: Tuesday, October 20 @ 9:30am
  • Grade 2: Tuesday, October 20 @ 10:00am

The Zoom link is the same for each meeting. Go to:
Meeting ID: 281 609 7039
Passcode: bns146

Parent Support Meetings with Joseph

Tuesday, October 20 @ 5:00pm and Wednesday, October 21 @ 9:30am on Zoom

Parents of all grade levels are welcome to join Joseph, our school social worker, to check in about your child and school life. How are they doing? How are you doing? Bring your questions and wonderings.

This week, the meetings are scheduled for:

  • Tuesday, October 20 @ 5:00pm
  • Wednesday, October 21 @ 9:30am

Please use this Zoom link for both meetings.

Pre-K Curriculum Night

Monday, October 19 @ 5:30pm on Zoom

Meet with your child’s pre-K teacher and other parents in your class to hear what to expect this year, whether your child is remote, blended, or in school five days a week.

To join the Zoom meeting, go to:
Meeting ID: 854 667 6885
Passcode: pkfriends

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee Meeting

Tuesday, October 20 @ 8:00pm on Zoom

This first meeting will be about building community and thinking about how we want to show up for each other and the school. We expect a few leaders will emerge from this meeting and we are excited that this work is being centered this year. All families are invited and encouraged to attend. If you have questions, or would like to take a leadership role, please reach out to Deidre Smalls at

To join the Zoom meeting, go to:
Meeting ID: 874 5005 6778
Passcode: bns146

Get Your BNS Bus Tag

Monday, October 19 and Wednesday, October 21 @ Drop-Off on Rapelye

Pick up a BNS bus tag near the entrance to the Big Yard on Rapelye Street from arrival until 9:00am. Bus tags are a suggested donation of $5 each to support the BNS PTA.

Check the map of bus stops, then fill out this form to register your child to ride the bus. Please send the completed form to Mona at Join the social group for your bus route on Konstella to confirm the schedule with other parents.

You can also find your child’s bus stop and pick-up/drop-off times on your NYC Schools Account (NYCSA), but NYCSA can only be used to verify you bus info. It cannot be used to register.

Volunteers Needed for Rapelye Barricades

The Rapelye Street closure for Outdoor Learning is going well, thanks to the families who’ve given their time to help out. Every school day, we need a grown-up stationed at the barricades at each end of the block. It’s crucial to have someone at the barricades to help our neighbors in and out of the private driveways on the street and to keep kids safe.

If you’re volunteering for the 2nd shift (11am–2:10pm), please help move the barricades off the streets at the end of the day so they aren’t left for our admin staff to take care of.

And pro tip: Bring a chair!

 The P-EBT Giveback Is Going Strong

We know many of you are just now receiving your P-EBT cards. The BNS collection and redistribution is still going on! The idea is to give some or all of the $420 food benefit to BNS families in greater need. Families must use their own P-EBT card to buy food, as they are not transferable, but you can then purchase a Target gift card to help another family.

If you are able to contribute, please purchase e-gift cards at in amounts of $100 or smaller, as we want to ensure each family in need gets $100 per child. When purchasing the e-gift card, please use the following info:

From: My family
To: Your family
Note: From my family to your family

If your family qualifies for FRPL, you will automatically get a gift card. If you aren’t sure if your family qualifies or if you need this support ASAP, please email Diane at

Every year the PTA raises funds to pay for the many things that aren’t covered by the DOE: our beloved science and performing arts teachers; professional development for our teachers and educational assistants; classroom books; art, science, and office supplies; and this year, we’ve made sure that every student has the supplies they need at home and in school to do their best under these current challenging circumstances.

This is why we are asking families to chip in to the BNS Annual Fund to sustain the programs that make BNS so special. Together we will get through this difficult year and provide a world-class education to all BNS students.

Submit the consent form for random in-school testing here.

Submit a Daily Health Screening

All families with in-person students must complete the daily health screening before school each day to assess children’s health and readiness to attend school that day. Adults will need to submit this form if you intend to enter the building with your child. You can add the online health screen tool to your phone here.

It’s fast and easy! Login with your child’s NYCSA info. Find your user name or reset your password here.

Flu Shots Are Available at School

Your child can get a flu shot in the school-based health clinic in Room 209!

The flu shot consent form is attached. This form cannot be sent back via email—it must be printed and a hard copy brought to the clinic in order for an appointment to be scheduled.

Please contact Alley at (718) 923-4750, ext. 2093 or with questions.

Learning Bridges: Childcare for Remote Days

Students on the blended learning schedule (some school days in person and some school days remote) are eligible for free childcare on the days they are scheduled for remote learning.

If you are interested in the Learning Bridges program, please complete this application.

Early Voting Begins October 24!

The early voting period for the 2020 general election begins on Saturday, October 24, and continues until Sunday, November 1. Your Early Voting Site may be different from your regular Election Day voting location. Look up your polling place at for the address and times, and then make a plan to vote.

There is more on the ballot than the presidential election! Go to to learn about the state and local candidates who are running.

Simple Ways to Support BNS

If you or your kiddo is having a birthday soon, consider setting up a Facebook birthday fundraiser to help support your favorite school—BNS!

Do your online shopping on AmazonSmile and select “Friends of the Bklyn New School- Bklyn School for Collab Studies” as your charity. Amazon gives back to BNS for every purchase made, and it really adds up!


October 27: 3rd Grade Check-in with Anna and Diane (9:30am)
October 27: 4th Grade Check-in with Anna and Diane (10:00am)
October 29: 5th Grade Check-in with Anna and Diane (10:00am)
November 3: Election Day (remote for all students)
November 11: Veterans Day (no school)
November 12: General PTA Meeting (8:30pm)


  • AMY TATE, Co-President, mom to Veda (4th grade)
  • ANNA CATHERINE RUTLEDGE, Interim Co-President and Fundraising Chair, mom to Walsh (4th grade) & Harry (BNS grad)
  • JAIME FRANKLIN, Co-Recording Secretary, mom to Kennedy (3rd grade) & Atticus (1st grade)
  • LIZ WELCH D’ARCANGELO, Co-Recording Secretary, mom to Bella (4th grade)
  • JOCELYN LEAVITT, Co-Treasurer, mom to Makua (2nd grade)
  • ALTHEA WESSELING-GOTTINGAR, Co-Treasurer, mom to Shane (4th grade) & Avery (1st grade)
  • JENNIFER ECK, Correspondence Secretary, mom to Desmond (4th grade) & Cecelia (1st grade)
  • ELYSE NEIMAN SEITER, Social Media Manager, mom to Aidan (3rd grade) & Lola (BNS grad)
  • RADHIKA CHALASANI, Communications Chair, mom to Anila (2nd grade)
  • CAROLYN McGOWN, Food Sales Chair, mom to Lorelei (4th grade) & Ophelia (BNS grad)
  • GRACE CHO, mom to Felix (2nd grade)
  • ARIANA MANGUAL, mom to Lucía (2nd grade) & Marcela (kindergarten)
  • HANNAH NUDELL, mom to Eliza (2nd grade)
  • LAURA TREVINO, mom to Emilia (kindergarten)

Contact the 2020 BNS PTA at

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