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No. 15  |  January 17, 2022


Dear BNS Families,

The cold is real! Brrr! We’ve sent a few urgent calls for donations of  snow pants and snow suits. Help keep our kids warm during lunch and recess. If you haven’t already, please read the (updated) letter outlining new preventive measures to curb the spread of COVID-19.  A big thank you to families, caregivers, teachers and staff for the herculean effort everyone is putting in to keep school going during this weather and the Omicron surge. We are pleased to share that 77.06% of K-5 students are currently vaccinated (with at least one dose!).


Urgent call for Snow Pants/Snow Suit Donations for BNS 

We need snow pants and snow suits for our students to use during lunch and recess. If you have any that your family is ready to give away, please send them in with your child. You can bring them to second grade teacher Greta in room 309 or give them to their teachers who can pass them on to Greta. All sizes are welcome! Thank you to all who have donated so far, the kids are super happy to get them!

Weekly On-site COVID Testing the LabQ Van

We have arranged for a LabQ van to come to BNS/BCS every Monday from 12-4pm for Covid PCR testing beginning next week. This will allow BNS to greatly increase our testing pool of students and staff, at no cost. Testing through the LabQ Van also includes pre-k and kindergarten students who are excluded from the DOE’s regular Covid testing program. If you would like your child to be Covid tested at the van each week during the school day, please fill out the following Google form: Drop-ins are welcome after school, between 2:30 and 4pm. We are not yet sure if the LabQ van will visit a different day this week (since today is a holiday) but it will definitely be there on Monday, 1/24.  

Thank You For the Mask Donations

BNS received $16,000 (wow!) through the city vaccine incentive program! A huge thank you to all the families who listed the school as a referral organization when your children were vaccinated. The PTA and school administration worked together to use some of the funds raised to purchase KF95 and KF94 masks for staff and students who need them. If you can provide them for your own children, please continue to do so, for better protection against omicron. 

Black Lives Matter in School Week of Action (1/31-2/4)
BNS will be participating in the Black Lives Matter at Schools Week of Action from January 31st to February 4th. This year’s theme is healing–from the literal to the emotional, spiritual and beyond.  Click on these links to learn more about the nationwide Black Lives Matter movement and the BLM at NYC Schools chapter. And look for ways you and your child/ren can get involved via @thebrooklynnewschool on Instagram, the school’s Facebook page, and by joining the DEI Committee on Konstella where there will be postings of conversation starters, virtual events and more.

BNS Annual Appeal: Please Help Us Raise Essential Funds for Our School Community
We’re continuing to raise money for our annual appeal. In 2022, we need to raise $264,500 in order to pay for vital school programming like creating freshwater ponds to learn about interconnected organisms or building catapults and other simple machines and even planting and harvesting crops and collecting hen eggs. As your means allow, please consider a year end and/or continued monthly donation to help us continue these enriching activities.   

Please Continue to Upload Proof of Vaccination and Consent to Randomized Testing

Please upload your child’s or children’s proof of vaccination to the Department of Education COVID-19 Vaccination Portal. Activities, such as band and high risk sports, require proof of vaccination for participation. The vaccination portal provides the New York City Department of Education with information about vaccination status. 

If your child is not yet vaccinated and you have not sent in consent for random testing at school yet, we strongly encourage you to do so.  Random testing happens once per week for 20% of our vaccinated  and unvaccinated students in grades 1-5. Children are only selected for random testing if they have consent on file. 
Go to your child’s NYCSA at to give consent for random COVID testing in school. If you gave testing consent last year, you will need to submit again for this school year. You can also fill out a paper consent form—email it to Janine at or return it to school in your child’s backpack 

BNS PTA is Still Eligible for Funding from Vaccines

Did you know that the BNS PTA is still eligible for $4,000 in much needed funds if you list “The Brooklyn New School PS 146” as the referring agency for your child’s vaccine appointment (at a city-run site)?  All you have to do is  schedule an appointment at a city-run vaccination site or school pop-up site (check for eligible locations) AND pick “The Brooklyn New School” as the referring organization during the online booking process or during registration for walk-in appointments.  BOTH your child and BNS will be eligible to receive a $100 incentive (monetary or non-monetary) for a total of $200.  Once your child has received their first dose you will receive instructions how to redeem the $100 incentive either in person or online

If your child was already vaccinated at a city-run site (including school sites), make sure to follow the link in your confirmation email to receive YOUR $100 incentive and designate the BNS PTA  as your referral.  Thank you to those who listed “Brooklyn New School, PS 146 PTA” as your referral.

Please click on the link below so we can track the number of referrals (no names are required).  

BNS Virtual Open Houses Continue; Share the News

Spread the word to your friends: BNS Virtual Open Houses are underway.  The DOE has not released deadlines for applications yet.
Brooklyn New School Virtual Open House Dates:

Health & Safety Information


Please fill out NYC DOE Health Screening ahead of time every day. If you need a printout of the paper screener, please ask your child’s teacher.


The DOE now conducts random COVID-19 testing for students in grades 1–5 every week. Only students whose families have provided an updated testing consent form can be tested. You are strongly encouraged to provide this consent for your child. Go to your child’s NYCSA at to give consent for random COVID testing in school. If you gave testing consent last year, you will need to submit again for this school year. You can also fill out a paper consent form—email it to Janine at or return it to school in your child’s backpack.


The DOE will no longer automatically close an entire classroom when there is a positive case in the classroom. Unvaccinated students who are masked and at least three feet distanced from a student who tests positive are not considered close contacts under CDC guidelines and will not have to quarantine. Any individual who is determined to be a close contact will have to quarantine.

☑️ Reminders

LEADERSHIP’S WEEKLY LETTER TO THE BNS COMMUNITY: Read Diane and Malika’s weekly letter  

SCHOOL FOOD MENUS: Check what’s on the menu in January


Looking Ahead

Bookmark the 2021–2022 DOE school calendar here. BNS events and important dates are also on the Konstella calendar.

January 27: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion General Meeting (7pm)

February 1: Lunar New Year – No School

February 8: PTA Executive Meeting  (8:20am) 

February 15: PTA General Meeting (8:20am)

February 21-25: Midwinter Recess – No School



  • Rich Ambler, parent of Elena (2nd grade, Andrew and Greta)
  • Mahshad Hall, parent of Ruby (Kindergarten, Mary Ann)


  • Laura Trevino, parent of Emilia (1st grade, Jessica B)
  • Krystina Athas, parent of Liam (1st grade, Valerie and Carrie) and Alexander (3rd grade, Claudia and Jennifer P)

Co-Recording Secretaries:

  • Cherrelle Hall, parent of Dylan (pre-K, Tammy)
  • Jessica Smith, parent of Henry (Kindergarten, Kori and Jenn)

DEI Co-Chairs:

  • Jade Harris, parent of Miller (2nd grade, Penina and Amy)
  • Leslie King, parent of Frederica (5th grade, Nneka)

Fundraising Chair:

  • Sarah Gable, parent of Captain (Kindergarten, Kori and Jenn)

Correspondence Secretary:

  • Nicole Cohen, parent of George (3rd grade, Claudia and Jennifer P)

Communications Chair:

  • Radhika Chalasani, parent of Anila (3rd grade, Nancy and Alex)

Web Editors:

  • Sherri Powell, parent of Tekla (pre-K, Skye)
  • Corissa Trani, parent of Logan (pre-K, Skye)
  • Patty Lin, parent of Deren (Kindergarten, Doug)

Social Media Manager:

  • Elyse Neiman Seiter, parent of Aidan (4th grade, Kristen) and Lola (BNS grad)

Food Sales Chair:

  • Carolyn McGown, parent of Lorelai (5th grade, Laurie and Navika) and Ophelia (BNS grad)

Class Parent Coordinator:

  • Margie Dotter, parent of Cliona (5th grade, Nancy and Rachael), Juniper (1st grade, Jessica B), and Abby (BNS grad)

Members at Large:

  • Candybelle Acevedo, parent of Emilia (4th grade, Zack and Kaelyn) and Isabelle (1st grade, Abby and Jennifer D)
  • Maggie Ross Newville, parent of Magnus (5th grade, Laurie and Navika) and Axel (2nd grade, Amanda)
  • Hannah Nudell, parent of Eliza (3rd grade, Katherine) and Gideon (pre-K, Skye)
  • Linnea Veder, parent of Leo (pre-K, Jennifer G)


Contact the 2021–2022 BNS PTA at

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