Lice Guide 101

What do I do if my child has head lice? 
If your child has head lice, other family members likely have it too so check them all (including yourself). If you’ve never done a check for head lice, some videos that were sent out school-wide earlier are included below. A thick white conditioner (to temporarily immobilize the lice) and a lice comb are all you need to comb out lice and nits (eggs). Most kids get head lice during elementary school so lots of us have been through the routine before and can offer tips on checking, removing, and best efforts at preventing.
Videos about Lice, Eggs and Removal
Good images of lice & eggs
SHORT video – professional
Debunks Rid & Nix – lice are resistant to the insecticides in both
Lice Squad Canada worker w/ blonde girl
Clear images about finding, combing, etc


Hair salon worker w/ ~8-yr old girl
Step-by-step for combing, wetting, cream, etc 

For more information, please check NYC Department of Education website.
Images of Nits (Lice Eggs)

Below are pictures of nits (lice eggs), which are the signs that we are looking for. The actual louse is hard to see because they move really fast and blend in. When you try to look again it’s gone.

Picture 1                                             Picture 2



Picture 3

Picture 1 is how nits may look on some really light hair (they appear like black oval dots). Picture 2 is also light hair but the nits have the color that we are all used to seeing, (which is a pearly colored oval shaped nit). Picture 3 is how a nit looks on an individual hair strand. Picture 4 and 5 are what they look on darker hair.

Please note that the pictures show a lot of nits on the head and will not be the case when spotting a nit(s) on our children. Lastly, lots of us have dandruff. If it is white, flaky and moves it is NOT a nit. Nits do not move. Run your fingers through the individual hair strand and you will feel a bump and still see it in the same place.