Thanks for your interest! We’re always on the lookout for event volunteers, parents with special technology and design skills, marketers, development specialties, lunch volunteers, or anyone who has a few extra hours to help with event coordination. Everyone is essential and everyone’s help counts.

Many hands make light work

We ask every family to contribute eight hours of volunteer time to BNS. It’s easy. Just pick an event or campaign that works for you.

To download our family volunteer chart click here

Along with our Annual Appeal, we would love to see 100% volunteer participation from the parents of BNS.

How can you get involved?

The best way to stay up to date with volunteer opportunities is checking the weekly newsletter sent out every Sunday (check your promo folder to make sure it’s getting to you.)

Click here if you’d like to sign up for the newsletter join the BNS Facebook page HERE.

Events you can help out with

If you are interested in helping out with any of our yearly fundaising and community building events, email the PTA (pta2021@bns146.org) with your name, child’s name & classroom, and a little note about how you might like to volunteer.

Annual events (the big ones)


BNS’ annual fall festival, this event kicks off our season of fundraising and community building by collaborating with BCS to throw a huge block party. Contact: Candybelle Acevedo-Tavarez and Rebekah Cook-Mack 

Makerfest (Winter)

An annual event that brings together parents and educators to create an afternoon of technology, crafting, creating, exploring and inventing for our students. 

SPRING Auction

Known as “BNS Bid Bash”, kick your heels up at our biggest fundraiser of the year, dancing, dining and shopping, all in one place. 

Other volunteer opportunities

Hen Watch

Take care of the Ladies for a few minutes in the morning or afternoon.  Water, food, a little conversation, and if you find eggs, you get to keep ’em.  Sign up here (or learn more about how you can get involved by joining the Green Committee!)

Monthly Bake Sales

Each grade will have an opportunity to raise additional funds for their projects by helping throw an after-school bake sale. PTA Food Sale Coordinator: Carolyn McGown

Movie Nights/ Grown Up Date Nights

The kids enjoy a Friday night movie while caregivers get a night to themselves. Held every other month, popcorn included!

Family Dance

Dust off your dancing shoes and bring your family to this fun and footloose fundraiser.

Class Parents

Within the first month of school starting, teachers in each class will ask for one or a few parents to volunteer to become “class parents”. Class parents are an essential link between the teacher and the rest of the class parents, communicating events and processes, organizing volunteers and chaperones for class trips, helping to collect ideas and money for class gifts.

  • Teachers do not usually have Class Parents until the BNS Curriculum night sign up sheet in third week of September.  But there is not reason not to offer to help – do not assume the Class Parents have all the bases covered — they’re busy people too.
  • More information on the responsibilities of being a Class Parent.
  • Contact amy.sumner@bns146.org
Class Trips

Class trips are an important part of your child’s curriculum and definitely important for community building. Class trips cannot happen without an adequate number of parent chaperones. Please plan to make yourselves available for as many class outings as possible. Also, it is very important that the minimum number of parents required to accompany a class on a trip also accompany the class back to school safely.

Parent and School Committees

Committees are a great way to focus on a special interest you have and contribute to a thriving school. These are the committees that are currently active, but feel free to suggest your own.

Diversiry, Equity & Inclusion Committee (DEI)

School Leadership Team (SLT)

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)



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