School Leadership Team (SLT)

The SLT, or School Leadership Team, is a group of parents, teachers and administrators who gather for monthly meetings to discuss topics that are currently engaging the BNS community. The primary job of the SLT is to oversee and participate in reports about the school’s CEP (Comprehensive Educational Plan) goals, which are set at the end of a school year.

Parent Involvement

The SLT is a place for parents to come and have their voices be heard by the school community and administration. Come to a meeting to learn more! The meetings are open to all

The agendas are written by a joint parent and staff committee, and anyone can submit an agenda topic by emailing parent representative Carly Yates ( or AP Diane Castelucci ( The meeting dates are public and the meetings are open to all who would like to attend. This year, meetings take place on Mondays at 4:00 PM in the BNS library, though the dates each year are selected by that year’s members.

See the calendar for all upcoming SLT meetings.

For more information, you can email the SLT at

DOE guidelines

Every public school is required to have an SLT that includes a balanced number of parents and teachers.

CEPs are public documents, and the 2019 BNS CEP will be available when the DOE publishes it.

From the DOE website, Chancellor’s Regs: There must be an SLT in every New York City Public School. SLTs play a significant role in creating a structure for school-based decision making and shaping the path to a collaborative school culture. SLTs are a vehicle for developing school-based educational policies and ensuring that resources are aligned to implement those policies. Functioning in a collaborative manner, SLTs assist in the evaluation and assessment of a school’s educational programs and their affect on student achievement.

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