Green Committee

The BNS Green Committee supports the environmentally friendly events and projects throughout the school year. The BNS Green Committee, which started as a group on Earth Day, 2007, has since spearheaded recycling, composting, and gardening initiatives at 610 Henry Street.


We focus on further integrating our green projects into the culture of the school. To that end we work to make gardening more sustainable; the Eco-Casita ready for small and whole class outdoor learning; the Kids’ Kitchen filled with adults ready to guide healthy cooking activities with whole class and/or small groups; and the STUDIO…the indoor science, sustainability project room alive with students expressing their learning through building and modeling.

Green Committee events include one or more Garden to Café Days–where the cafeteria staff prepares crops raised by kids and their teachers and the Eco-Rama, our outdoor fair which is a celebration of sustainable learning.


The Green Committee has implemented these programs, greening 610 Henry. Activities include:

  • Lunchtime recycling and composting
  • Replacement of foam trays with pulp trays
  • Elimination of sugary chocolate milk at lunch
  • Rainwater catchment system
  • Raised garden beds
  • Eco-casita outdoor classroom
  • Removal of PCB light fixtures
  • Green Studio 106A
  • Science/Sustainability Family Nights
  • Kids Kitchen
  • Green Recess
  • Our chickens!

Contact the Green Committee: Barbara Tarragon (

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