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Background: The DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) Committee has developed a set of guiding principles & questions to help the PTA and BNS community engage in fundraising in a way that aligns with our values of social and economic justice.   Below is an overview of the principles & the questions/prompts.

Fundraising Principles

Center Equity & Justice: Fundraising activities should consider opportunities to advance work for equity in our school community for all marginalized communities (or communities that are in the minority). 

Encourage Belonging & Inclusivity:  Fundraising activities should provide an inclusive lens for all communities by considering cross-cultural connections/needs/perspectives and providing a sense of belonging for all, regardless of socio economic status, race/ethnicity, language or ability. 

Look Beyond the Bottom Line:  When raising money for important school programs, all fundraising activities should be sensitive to the language being used and the strategies employed as the goal is always to ensure that everyone feels they are a valued member of our diverse community.

Broaden “Giving”:  Every member of the BNS community should feel that any contribution is equally valued – whether financial or volunteer/labor.  Some families can/should give more in support of the broader community. 

Fundraising Questions/Prompts

When devising any fundraising event or activity, consider:

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Will this fundraiser’s financial request appeal to families of different socio-economic backgrounds?
  • Cultural Uplift: Are the items in the fundraiser providing positive support and feeling for diverse communities?
  • Cultural Inclusivity: Does the fundraiser feel inclusive to all communities? Has the idea been presented to a coalition of diverse thinkers to check for inclusivity?
  • Cultural Connections/Growth: How can we use this as an opportunity to build connections for all our families to learn about different cultures; not a dominant culture?  Does the fundraiser serve towards community building?   
  • Elevating Cultural Contributions:  Do our fundraising efforts value more than money as the currency; does it value time as currency? 

Committee Members

Co-Chairs: Deidre Smalls Landau, Jaime Franklin, Leslie King, and Yasmin Ramirez
Admin: Liz Welch D’Arcangelo
PTA Liaisons: Autumn Leonard and Jade Harris
SLT Rep: Max Ponomareff
Fundraising Coordinator: Mark Swier 
Community Agreements Lead: Shatia Strother 

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