Parents as Learning Partners: Creating a Gender Inclusive School

December 5, 2019 8:20 am - 9:40 am

Join us for a presentation and discussion with the Ackerman Institute’s Delilah Luna Seligman on how to create and support a gender inclusive school.  We’ll be in the Art room,  room 103, from 8:20-9:40 am.

What does gender identity look like in young children?  How can parents support their children as they grow and learn about identity?

A BNS teacher reacted to the staff meeting Delilah conducted in the beginning of November:

I absolutely loved the session on gender.  I thought the presenter… was an excellent and engaging speaker and conveyed information with so much warmth and empathy.  She was also funny.  I was actually sad when it was over because I could have listened to her for longer.
I loved the way she acknowledged and discussed how the work on gender would look different for different levels of elementary school, and she had great ideas on how to approach this work.  What really shone through was her authenticity and I think that’s what I responded to – it’s so hard to listen to presenters who are not authentic and passionate and real.  I approached her afterwards with a complex question and I loved that she acknowledged the complexity and asked questions to be sure she understood and thought deeply about the answer, knowing it was not an easily answered one.
The organization she was representing clearly knows what they are doing and is doing an outstanding job of putting quality materials and training highly qualified staff to teach us all about this very urgent and important and historically ignored subject.  I thoroughly enjoyed this staff meeting.
Oh, one more thing, I liked that she specifically included people of color in the work and reminded us how extra difficult it is for people of color who are gender nonconforming.  I liked that she didn’t base her whole presentation on statistics, but used them effectively to drive certain points home.

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