D15 Workshop: Diversity in Middle School Admissions

February 13, 2018 6:30pm - 8:30pm
D15 Diversity Plan
WXY Public Workshop No. 1

The DOE is doing community outreach in District 15 in an effort to reform the middle school admissions process:

Want to see more equitable middle schools in District 15?
Have ideas for improving the admissions process to make it easier on all?
Want to improve integration within and between schools?
If so, please SAVE the DATE for the first public workshop facilitated by WXY, the company chosen by the DOE to guide us in creating a plan for integrating D15.
From the PS 321 website:
District 15 is working with WXY, an Urban Planning and Design firm, with the goal of working on Diversity, Integration and Equity in our school district. Their plan includes facilitating a working group to hear perspectives from all parts of District 15 and holding 3 public workshops on this topic, and ending with making a proposal for Middle School admissions in Fall of 2019.

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