Shop in Support of BNS


Wear your school pride on your sleeve. Or your hat. Grab some merch and help your school.


Support our school by shopping at places that donate a percentage of their profits to BNS. Believe it or not, these contributions really add up.

Make BNS your chosen Amazon charity when you shop at Amazon. To earn $$$ for BNS, click here and search for Charity called “FRIENDS OF THE BKLYN NEW SCHOOL- BKLYN SCHOOL FOR COLLAB STUDIES”)

Request a Fairway card from front main office or email and swipe it before you pay at any Fairway location. 3% will be automatically donated to BNS!

You're already using it to communicate with your kid's class - why not order some prints or a photo book for the grandparents? Click Here and 13% of your order will go to BNS


Earn money for your school while buying essential clothing for your kids. 15% of your order will go to BNS. Use link:



Misfits Market is a subscription box of local organic produce that isn't pretty enough to put on a grocery store shelf. Prices are 30–40% lower than retail, and it's delivered to your door in eco-friendly packaging. Misfits is donating 10% of all first-time orders to BNS, plus offering you a 20% discount. Use this referral link <> with code BNSFRIEND20.



Every dime helps, so collect Box Tops sand send them in to our school. Drop them off in the box in the main office, or download the app at and simply scan your receipts; the app automatically sends credit to the school for every eligible item. Here’s a list of eligible products. 



Mabel's Labels provides easy to use, stick-on labels for every item your kid owns (plus holiday gift tags, bag tags, and more)--and send BNS a portion of the proceeds. Be sure to click on "Support a Fundraiser" and select "Brooklyn New School" from the list of organizations. Your labels will be shipped free directly to you from Mabel's Labels and BNS will receive a check for 20% of your purchase price. 



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