BNS Merchandise

These items were designed by BNS parents and students. Purchased merchandise can be picked up in main office or delivered by your student via backpack. Thanks for supporting BNS!  Last updated Nov, 2018

Once you have purchased an item, please fill out this form to let us know your delivery preference or email Johanna Bjorken (

Adult Zip-Up Long Sleeve Tee

$30- Lightweight Navy Blue Hoodie

2017 Zip-Up Hoodie

$30- 2017 Zip-Up Hoodie

BNS Button Collection

4 for $3.00- BNS Button Collection

KIDS Blue Tee

$15- Kids Neon Blue Tee

KIDS Orange Tee

$15- Kids Orange Tee

KIDS Green Tee

$15- Kids Green Tee

ADULT Blue Tee

$20- Adult Neon Blue Tee (Soft 50/50 blend)

ADULT Green Tee

$20- Adult Green Tee (Soft 50/50 blend)

BNS Chicken Mugs

$10- BNS Chicken Mugs

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