Annual Appeal (2017-2018)

In order to fund all the awesomeness that you know & love at BNS, we need to raise $360,000 in 2017-2018. If you can, please support the Annual Appeal, using these links:


To make a donation via PayPal, (please write “Annual Appeal” as a Note).

Or write a check and leave it in the PTA mailbox in the pTA lockbox in main office (please address to Friends of BNS).


And remember…

  • If you give a gift of $10,000, you save our science and sustainability program.
  • If you give a gift of $5,000, you make sure our kids keep learning Spanish.
  • If you give a gift of $2,500, you’ve just rescued our custom arts classes.
  • If you give a gift of $1,000, you’ve funded special library programs, including author visits.
  • If you give a gift of $100, you’re helping keeping the garden going.

Thank you for your generosity.

   2017-2018 PTA Budget

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