With Hope, Magic and Care

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Dear Families,

We came back from the holiday with a jolt.  Five classes moved to remote-learning for many or all of their learners this week. We remember how fragile our return to fully in-person schooling is as we are still in the throes of an ever evolving pandemic. Mindful of this ever present challenge, we share with families and the school community the joy of exploring as well as the outstanding work that our students are producing.  

Now that our classroom communities have gelled, we see our students very comfortable to take risks, delve deeper and share their curiosities. In Kindergarten, Mary Ann’s students were excited to help set up the water table to explore with this material. While two students helped to set up the table, they also noticed the box in which the water table arrived.   Quenetta and Denis had the idea to also explore the box by getting inside of it. This sparked the curiosity of the other students, and cardboard became the new material of focus of Green Recess. Following their interests makes the journey that much more meaningful. 

In third grade, Claudia and Jennifer’s class, students are learning about geography in preparation for the big unit study of African cultures and people. Students learn about where they are in the world and where they currently exist to have a deeper understanding of traveling far away. After reading Me On The Map, students used Chromebooks and Google Earth to create a physical and visual representation of seeing their own homes, neighborhoods, city, state, country and continent and then making the leap to another continent. 

In fifth grade, Michael and Rachel’s class shared their published work from their personal narrative unit. They hosted a publishing share in the big yard where our young writers proudly read their stories, showcasing their writing craft with descriptive language, use of dialogue and inner thought, a strong beginning and ending, and making the heart of the story clear. Writers received feedback from attendees using two targeted questions – What is something you learned about this student through their narrative? and What has the writer done stylistically that you enjoyed? What a meaningful final product!  This hallway display allows all of us to read their work, even if we couldn’t attend. 

As we move towards the final days of 2021, teachers are deep in thought about culminating experiences: publishing shares, family gatherings, and on the horizon for the new year: work shares — those end of unit presentations that allow us to come together and celebrate student work. Called “museums” in the past – we’ll see what the future holds as we take a critical look at this term!  We know these are so important for all of us, and we are stretching our creative brains to imagine what’s possible. 

To close, let’s think once more about the holiday we are just returning from – the jolt of quarantines – and the importance of doing all that we can to keep COVID from interfering with all that we’re working to accomplish.  We encourage you to keep on getting tested: after gathering with family and friends, after traveling, just because it’s Friday.  The more information we have, the more we can keep each other safe.  We know that the fatigue around all of the seemingly endless precautions continues to creep up around us, but let us meet that fatigue with hope.  Hope boosted by vaccines, by decreasing hospitalization rates, and by all of us together at school, one year later – in these wintry months.  

The first snowfall came like magic during recess for our kindergarteners and first graders.  With hope, magic, and care, let’s continue forward together. 

All for now,


Community Announcement:

Our counseling team has put together a wonderful site chock full of mental health and wellness resources for families.  Please bookmark this site and refer to it often!

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Quote of the week: At the end of an art period of tempera painting with Anna, our newly retired principal and resident artist, Lenox in Nancy and Alex’s class reflected, “I can relax and paint all day.”

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