Bold Colors, Soft Moods and December Feelings

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Dear Families,

December is a month filled with lots of energy – anxious energy, anticipatory energy, hopeful energy, restless energy and creative energy. During this time we tend to see an uptick of winter sniffles, the physical lag of needing to recharge, and a broad range of behaviors exhibited that remind us, “Ah yes, it’s December.” 

Coupled with that, there has been an outpouring of artistic expression that is extremely powerful. We’ve seen the creative energy funneled into a variety of causes and media. 

The Afghan Women Writers Project is a social justice nonprofit organization. Their mission is to support the voices of women with the belief that to tell one’s story is a human right.  In telling their own stories, we’ve seen these Afghan women gather strength, courage and self-confidence. For six years, BNS 5th graders from Laurie and Navika’s class and BCS 6th graders from Candice’s crew have participated in a songwriting workshop facilitated by Shevy Smith, a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles who donates her time to this project.  She works with our 610 Henry Street children for a week teaching songwriting while giving voice to the poetry of Afghan women, culminating in a share for families.  We filled the auditorium with song and hope on Tuesday evening for the first time in 21 months – the first indoor performance event since our Fourth Grade Musical in February of 2020.

And to bring that full circle, Fourth Grade Musical preparation is well underway! Our fourth grade students are working through musical selections and movements to create their production. It has been magical listening to their singing wafting through the halls as they harmonize and see this evolution of what will be a one of a kind piece of art. José and David’s vocal work and Donna and Kana’s movement work has already helped them grow by leaps and bounds. We’re excited to see the layers build as they make something truly unique. 

We had our third successful pop-up vaccine clinic this week! Many more of our kiddos have now had their first and second dose.  Here are some ‘shots’ from the gym.

Our gallery is showing 3rd Grade Mood Explorations! We know how different it is for families not being able to see these pieces in person so we wanted to bring them to you. 

And lastly, we share some visuals of the work Anna has been doing this week:  color explorations with grade 3 and pre-K.

Some bold colors, some soft moods, and some December feelings will carry us to our upcoming break.  

Be well!  

Until next time,


PTA newsletter (12/5/21)

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