Shares and Culminations

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Dear Families: Last week, this week and next, you will find many of us out in the schoolyard participating in a range of culminating events.   June Share began in the big yard with first...   Read More

Mid Year Reflections and the Musical

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Dear Families:  In January, a group of parents and staff from the BNS SLT spent time looking at the feedback shared on the BNS Remote Learning Survey.    From the 230 responses, they extracted 5...   Read More

A Fresh Start

Dear Families: We write this week to wish us all a Happy New Year, with hopes of health and a fresh start in many ways.  And, we reflect on a successful example of the...   Read More

Keeping Our BNS Community in Our Hearts

Dear Families: We return to our building as Cohort A resumes in-person learning.  We do this despite knowing of nine recent cases of Covid within our community.  Without a doubt, this makes many of...   Read More

Reflection and Pause

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Dear Families:   May we wish everyone the possibility of reflection and pause during the days that once were titled, “Spring Break”.  As each of us sits in our homes, separated by screens and...   Read More

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