BNS Bid Bash

The BNS Bid Bash (our spring fundraiser formerly known as EDDS) is set to happen on Saturday, April 14, at Littlefield.

There are a few ways you can help!

Donate Item(s) to the Auction

If you have something you can donate, simply fill out this online Donation Form

For ideas on what to donate or information on how to submit a donation, check out the handout and form here.

Solicit Donations from others

You can ask at your favorite restaurants, kids’ classes, neighborhood haunts then move on to a list of businesses we’ve solicited from in the past (or find new businesses to add to this list!) It’s for a great cause — our kids.

Two ways to get donations: 1) via email or 2) in person. Both work fairly well and you can expect about 1 in 3 businesses to be willing to donate.

Solicitations by email

If you have an email address and name for a person who is a decision-maker for the business you are approaching, you can send the an email using this example Solicitation Letter.

You can use this Auction items list so we don’t accidentally approach same place twice (feel free to also use this list to find people you can send emails to. Just put your name in first column next to any business you approach (add new businesses you reach out to at the end of doc if needed).

Additional notes & tips:

  • Add a personal note to the email if you have a connection with them business (“My kids go to your after school program and love it!”)
  • Don’t be shy about following up if you don’t hear back right away (“I’m circling back on this..)
  • If they donate, follow up by 1) thanking them 2) asking them when you can pick up the donation (or whether they will email it to you if gift certificate) 3) asking them to fill out the Donation Form– (or if you have the info, fill it out for them- sometimes that’s easier and closes the loop much more quickly)
  • In some cases, you’ll need to pick up the donation and get it to the school (leave it with Amy Sumner, Room 207 at BNS)
In Person Solicitations

Before going out to solicit:

  • Make several copies of this ‘in person’ Solicitation Letter. You can fill in the business manager’s name at the top (or ‘To manager’) and sign your own name and contact info at the bottom.
  • Bring along an envelope for business cards marked “Call backs”

Hi, my name is _________ and I’m a parent of ______, a student at Brooklyn New School, a wonderful local public school with over 600 children.
We are holding our annual spring auction and I am hoping your business will be able to support the school and our programs by making a donation of ______ (identify item: a $100 gift certificate, a piece of jewelry, etc).
Many of our students and their families live in this neighborhood and ______ (name of business) will be listed on our auction website which will be shared with hundreds of families.
Do you think you could make a donation?

If the manager  isn’t available, leave the solicitation letter and ask for manager’s name, a business card and the best time to follow-up. Put card in envelope marked “Call backs”

To follow up, return when manager is available, call them or use Solicit by Email method above. You can mention you stopped by and left a letter for them.

Complete the Donation Form (on page 2) and when the item is received give the business a copy with the donation item filled in. Let them know this is their receipt.
Fill out the online Donation Form so we have a record of the donation (or just make a copy of donation form and leave it with Amy Sumner in Room 207).

Make sure to add your name and the name of business you approached to this Auction items list so we don’t accidentally approach same place twice.

Don’t fret, thank them for their time and try another place!


  • Set a goal for yourself and tell the business. Ex: I have committed to securing 5 items for the auction. Can you help?
  • Share a brief story about what you love about BNS.
  • If the business is one you patronize, share a brief reason on why you love this business!

Questions: Contact Tricia at

Send Gift Certificates to:
Brooklyn New School
610 Henry St.
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Important Documents

Auction items list– This is where you should put your name if you are in the process of securing a donation for a particular business (once you secure, mark it as confirmed).  We’ve listed all the businesses who donated in the past, but you can also add additional businesses or people you have approached.

Solicitation Letter (for email solicitations)To send to potential donors (make a copy and customize it before you send). You can also export as PDF or copy into the body of an email.

Solicitation Letter (for in person solicitations) To leave behind at businesses you visit. Print these out and personalize by adding a person’s name at the top, and your contact info at the bottom.

Donation Form (online) This gets sent to donor to fill out specific item details and instructions for how they will get the donation to us or you can fill it out yourself to record the donation.

Questions: Contact Tricia at

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