Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action

Monday, February 1 through Friday, February 5

Black Lives Matter in Schools

BNS is committed to anti-oppressive, anti-racist, inclusive language and teaching that values all identities and supports student learning and understanding, both inside and outside of the classroom. This year, we are intentionally joining the nationwide movement for Black Lives Matter Week of Action in Schools Feb. 1st – Feb 5th. To this end, we will connect home and school around the BLM 13 guiding principles.  

As a school community, BNS teachers have approached conversations about race and social injustice more holistically throughout the school year and this will continue. In the wake of our country’s recent events and the murders that sparked the BLM movement, we are being more deliberate about these discussions. Black Lives Matter is currently in the news and most students are aware, to some degree, of this movement. Addressing this in the classroom is an important acknowledgement of a major current event.  Bringing issues of racial justice into the classroom not only affirms the identities of our students, but is crucial to fostering critical engagement with the world – regardless of where teachers, students and families stand on the issues.

BNS will be participating in the Black Lives Matter at School week of action that begins tomorrow. The DEI Committee has been talking with the teachers’ Race and Equity Committee about ways to share and support the relevant work already being done in the classroom. This week, teachers will be discussing the BLM at Schools’ 13 guiding principles with students, which will also be shared on BNS social media so we can all join in the conversation.

Along with our daily discussions in the classroom, here are some conversation starters that can be continued at home.

Monday, 2/1 – Day 1: Why do we need a BLM at school week? 
1er Día: ¿Porqué necesitamos una semana escolar dedicada a BLM (Las Vidas Negras Importan)?

Tuesday, 2/2 – Day 2: What does diversity mean to you?  Think about your friends.  What are some of the ways you are different from them?  What is something you have learned from those differences? 
Dia 2: ¿Qué significa la diversidad para ti? Piense en sus amigos. ¿Cuáles son algunas de las formas en que se diferencia de ellos? ¿Qué ha aprendido de esas diferencias?

Wednesday, 2/3 – Day 3: What does it mean to be unapologetically Black?  Why would someone have to apologize for being Black? (From What We Believe)
Dia 3: ¿Qué significa ser negro sin disculpas? ¿Por qué alguien tendría que disculparse por ser negro? (From What We Believe)

Thursday, 2/4 – Day 4: Since this week is focused on centering Black joy, what does Black joy mean to you?  Why are we thinking about Black joy?
Dia 4: Dado que esta semana se centra en centrar la alegría negra, ¿qué significa la alegría negra para ti? ¿Por qué estamos pensando en la alegría negra?

Friday, 2/5 – Day 5: Empathy:  Why is empathy important in the conversation of Black Lives Matter at Schools?
Dia 5: Empatía: ¿Por qué es importante la empatía en la conversación de Black Lives Matter at Schools?

Here are other ways families can get involved

  1. Look for daily prompts for furthering the discussion about these principles at home.
  2. Send photos to for Instagram and Facebook shares that depict any representation of the principles or what Black Lives Matter at Schools means to you and your family.
  3. Participate in any of the BLM at School virtual events happening throughout the week.
  4. Join your child on Wednesday at 8:45am for a dedicated BLM BAX sing-along led by José and Donna.

13 Guiding Principals for families to encourage education and dialogue

Resources to support conversations with kids & family

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