Beards for BNS 2021

What is Beards for BNS?

Beards for BNS is a fundraiser that grows naturally! It’s a chance for BNS parents to get hairy in February while helping to support the many programs funded by the BNS PTA.

Why should I participate?

To help raise funds for the many PTA-supported programs at BNS

To be in community with other hairy parents

To take a break from your regularly scheduled facial hair for a month

How does it work?

Beards for BNS is pledge driven, like a walk-a-thon or read-a-thon. You just:

  • Set a fundraising goal, for instance, $250.
  • Let friends and family know you’ll be raising funds for BNS by getting hairy in February, and ask them to pledge toward your growth. For example, if 5 friends pledge $50 each, you’ve hit your goal of $250. You can link to the donation page on Konstella, or create a fundraiserthrough Facebook.
  • On February 1, start growing!
  • Then take a selfie every few days to track your progress and share it with the friends and family who have pledged, including a final pic at the end of the month. Please email your pics to so we can include them in the weekly PTA newsletter!

Hairy questions

Is it just for beards? No! Mustaches, goatees, mutton chops, unibrows, and anything else you can grow is welcome.

Is it just for dads? No! Anyone who can grow hair can participate. Also it’s not just for parents. Call on granddads, uncles, cousins, and brothers to have fun and participate.

What if I can’t grow a beard? Not a problem—what’s on your head? Can you do something funky with it? Mohawks for BNS doesn’t have the same ring to it, but it’s still a good idea.

What if I already have a beard? Grow it longer, restyle it, or even better, shave it off and start over! Perhaps the first picture you share could be your clean-shaven face, ready to sprout forth stubble again.

How do I set up a Facebook fundraiser? Go to, click “Raise Money for a Nonprofit,” search for “Friends of the BKLYN New School,” then follow the prompts. 100% of the funds come to BNS.

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