AppleFest 2021

Dear BNS Families,  

Planning for AppleFest 2021 is well underway! We are filled with excitement and very much looking forward to this special event and we NEED YOUR HELP to make it the best one yet! Please consider the options below to get involved.  

Food Donations
AppleFest thrives with the delightful assortment of donations that families bring the day of the festival. Please look through the food donations sign-up opportunities to find ways that you can help. Then, on the day of the festival, drop off your donations at 11:00 am, unless otherwise noted. 

Can We Borrow Your … ?
We need more extension cords and surge protectors. These items will be returned to you. If you can help by loaning these to us for festival use, please sign up here (scroll to the bottom of the page). 

Volunteer Opportunities
We’re still looking for folks to volunteer to work in planning the festival and at activity or food stations on the day of the festival. Please sign up here to volunteer to cover a specific shift during the event (Waffle-making! Popcorn maestro!). AppleFest cannot happen without volunteers!

Entry Wristbands | Please Purchase in Advance
AppleFest is both a community builder and a school fundraiser. We are offering a sliding scale for entry wristbands. Minimum requested payment is $1. To cover event costs we ask for $10 per ticket. If you are able to pay more to cover the costs for other families and to support our amazing schools we ask that you choose an amount in excess of $10. Please be generous! Entry wristbands give access to the festival and all foods, drinks, and activities. All attendees over the age of 3 require a wristband to enter. There are no additional costs at the festival. They can be purchased in advance. Konstella users can purchase here. Non-Konstella users and the public can purchase here.  

Bring Seasonal Clothes To Swap
This year we created an opportunity at AppleFest to swap clothing with other families! Please bring any clean and swappable winter coats, raincoats, gloves, hat, scarves, snow boots and rain boots. What’s swappable? Anything you’d be comfortable giving to a picky friend or relative. We’ll have areas laid out by size where you can place your clothes, as well an area for shoes. Want to help out? Contact
We’re looking for: anyone who wants to help set up starting around 10, and/or stand by tables to help organize items and connect with people throughout the day, and/or help with bagging and drop off of any remaining items at the end of the day (these will be taken to Wearable Collections at 180 w 9th St). We’ll have a couple tables and a clothing rack, and could use more hangers if you have any available.

As a reminder, AppleFest is scheduled for November 6th from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Location is 610 Henry Street – note that the event entrance this year will be at 4th Place, next to the gym. All participants must pass a DOE Health Screening to enter.

Thank you! 

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