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Dear Families:

Last Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we spent each morning watching a video of Graham Fletcher, an engaging educator who works with math teachers throughout the country.  At BNS, we are fortunate to have our own engaging teacher of math teachers: Shirley Soo Hoo.  Though Shirley wears many hats, her work as our math coach allows for the teaching of a seamless progression of  math concept development from one grade to the next.  Shirley can see the big picture of math learning from our littlest ones through our graduates, and she brings that vision to ongoing meetings with teaching teams – deepening the work happening during each math class. 

At our family meetings last week, together in small groups, we processed what we saw as Graham Fletcher walked us through the unfolding of a progression of mathematical learning from Pre-K through 5th grade and beyond.  We unpacked terms like “partition” and “guzinto” (that’s a new one!  Here’s a hint: it’s like the “elem-enope” of math – check out the Division Video to understand what this is all about).  And please watch all of the other videos.  They are short and chock full of information.  


We gathered what we heard onto Jamboards, a platform that allows for collaboration and collective information gathering.  Here are snippets of our conversations:

Next month, our family meeting series will zoom in on assessment & state tests:  How do we know what our children know, how do we know how they are learning, and where we can support them?  We will also discuss the upcoming New York State standardized tests, scheduled for April and May, which were cancelled last year, yet are still on the state’s educational agenda for this year.  Join us to talk, bring your questions! 

All for now,

Anna, Diane & Malika 

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Check Konstella for Zoom links:

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