Who We Are and Where We Are From

Dear Families:


Amy and Penina’s second grade class went to the David Hockney exhibit at the MET.  As they studied the exhibit, the students were drawing. Several people approached the teachers to compliment the children’s engagement and efforts.  One person asked if the students were from a special art school because the children were taking the drawing so seriously and their work was so beautiful. On another day, the class went to the MOMA to see the Bodys Isek Kingelez exhibit.  A pair of educators asked if they were from a foreign school because they had never seen a group of children so engaged and well-behaved. In both cases, the teachers said that they were from BNS, a NYC public school.  This is the story of one BNS class, but the interaction is a familiar one as folks often stop our classes to ask who we are and where we are from.


The key to that serious approach to learning is present every day at school and when we go out exploring in the world, whether we are in a museum or the park.  The key is in the inquiry and the wonder and the respect for student voices and ideas. The key is in the understanding that learning is about the development of the whole child and not just the accumulation of skills.  














All of these big ideas were witnessed by 200 plus grandparents who graced our hallways, classrooms, yards, dance studio and gym last Wednesday.  What a pleasure to share your children with them and to listen to their appreciative and reflective thoughts. What fun! Many thanks to parents, Alexandra and Ani, for organizing the first ever Grandparents and Special Friends Day, and to the many volunteers who joined them.  

As mentioned in a prior letter, it’s non stop busy until the end of June, but if you do nothing else, please remember to join us for June Share on Thursday, June 14th.  June Share will take place in the morning. We hope you will spend some time with your child in the classroom and perhaps also get a chance to visit other classes and grade levels.  When June Share is over, you can leave with or without your youngster. School will be open all day with buses leaving at 2:30 and after school in session. After lunch, students will not be in their regular classes, but will instead participate in a range of activities in art, music, physical education and more.  


On June 14th, you too can experience BNS just like those grandparents and special friends did last Wednesday.  


Please click here to share your dismissal plans for 6/14 if you haven’t yet done this.  And tell your classroom teacher as well.


All for now,




Quote of the Week:


Hannah Peikes, a second grader in Andrew and Greta’s class, was savoring a rainbow snow cone after school. “The colors are blending, it reminds me of Georgia O’Keeffe!” she exclaimed to her grandmother.






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