We’ll See You at Parent / Teacher Conferences

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Dear Families:


By now you should have received and read your child’s progress report. If you didn’t, please let us know so we can resend it.  As you can see from the report’s length and content, our teachers take the time to communicate their assessment of each child’s academic and social growth in school.  Hopefully, these reports are informative and give you a glimpse of your child’s life each and every day here at BNS.


Now it is time to meet with your child’s teacher.  Reread that report and come to the parent teacher conference with your questions and wonderings.  And of course, make a point of scheduling that conference. This one on one time with the teacher is so important.  We hope that you will find the conference to be a time when you can have a frank and open discussion about your child’s work in school.  


At some of these meetings, you will just meet with your child’s teacher, but occasionally other staff may be there.  Diane, the Assistant Principal, might be there or Becky, our intervention specialist, or Elissa, our SETSS teacher, or myself or others.  We value these conversations and hope that you do too.


Prioritize this meeting.  It is your opportunity to think reflectively with someone who knows your child well.   Hope to see you around 610 Henry Street.


All for now,





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