Welcome to the New Dance Fitness Studio at 610 Henry

Dear Families:

What a special moment it was!  On January 10th at 10:25 AM students, parents, community members, and staff from Brooklyn New School and Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies gathered together in the 610 Henry Dance Fitness Studio, for a ribbon cutting ceremony.  Many thanks to City Councilman Brad Lander who made the dance studio a reality through the Participatory Budgeting process and who joined us on Wednesday morning as we celebrated.

A special thank you also goes to BNS alum, Max Drury, the student who made the original proposal for participatory budgeting and who worked tirelessly to put this project into the consciousness of voters.  The idea of the studio began in 2015.  It took three years, but today that vision is a reality.  

As we celebrated, we were reminded of the power of our community.  Many thanks also to Marya Warshaw, the Founding and Executive Director of the Brooklyn Arts Exchange, a person who has believed in our mission for over 25 years.  On Wednesday, Marya reminded us that she was the first dance teaching artist at BNS.

On Wednesday morning, we witnessed the strength of 610 Henry Street.  We enjoyed a BCS yoga class, Amanda’s second grade class leading us in dance, a BCS theater piece featuring Barack Obama’s powerful words, our fifth grade dance club, and the BCS cheerleaders.  We were awed by the beauty of our community.  We saw the power of civic participation, and were grateful for a democratic process that brings greater resources to our students. Because of the kindness and generosity of Participatory Budgeting, our students and staff now have a beautiful space to promote healthy habits.



All for now,

Quote of the Week:

At Forest School last Tuesday, Amy and Jacqueline’s  Pre K classes began their time in the park  by circling around their special beech tree.  Everyone held hands.   Bill had the children notice where the tree’s roots began.  He asked the children to imagine the roots reaching  down and outwards as far and wide as the tree’s branches reach up and out beyond its trunk.  Bill explained, “ All the roots are touching other trees’ roots and that’s how they talk to one another.”

Augustus Villari responded,” It’s like the roots are holding hands like us!”  Coco Moltz pondered aloud, “…then all the trees in the world touch and talk to one another.”

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