Dear Families:

As we brace ourselves for another week of cold, may we remind you that BNS likes to get outside in the winter months.  Please remember to dress your child appropriately for this weather.  This means putting your child in lots of layers and making sure they have warm gloves, neck warmers, and hats as well as thick socks with appropriate and warm footwear.  Given all these items, remember too to label them so that when the clothing does get lost, it can also be found!  

We will make a daily decision to determine whether or not to go outside during recess.  Often the kindergarten and first grade classes stay in during the extremely cold weather.  For grades two to five, we offer the children a choice, allowing them to decide what is too cold for them!  This way, the children who need to get fresh air are able to do so.  Keep in mind, individual teachers may also choose to take their classes outside, so whatever the temperature, make sure your child is ready to be in the cold.  

Either at the end of this week or early next week, we will give out the December attendance awards.  Make a New Year’s resolution to get your child to school each and every day and to be on time.  Remember school starts at 8:10 and children are marked late when they arrive after 8:20.  The monthly certificates award both timeliness and not being absent.  At the end of the school year, we also celebrate the children who were never absent with a perfect attendance award.  Students can receive this whether or not they were late.  

So whatever the weather, let’s all be here at 610 Henry Street in 2018!

All for now,

Anna and Diane

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