We Take a Moment to Celebrate Beginnings

Dear Families:


As we enter day nine of the 2018 to 2019 academic year, we take a moment to celebrate beginnings.  These beginnings have been very special with old friends reconnecting and new friends getting to know how it works here at 610 Henry Street.   


While our pre-k and kindergarten youngsters start the year with a phase in schedule, students in grade one to five participate in community building activities.  These activities are a part of every classroom while also being conducted in grade level town halls and mix it up activities. While our children are doing this important work, we hope that parents have been able to get into school to meet with their child’s teachers.  


During our town halls, we have been impressed with what our students already know.  Consider the first grader who can tell us that the most important bus rule is to sit in your seat, or the six year old child who can thoroughly explain what to do with your lunch once you are done: recycle the metal and plastic and paper, put fruit and vegetables in the compost, and throw out the rest.  Consider too, the fifth graders who have serious plans for improving this place: volunteer to clean the cafeteria after lunch, request two lunch lines so kids can get their lunch more quickly, and improve the conditions of the pedestrian bridge between here and Red Hook.


First to fifth graders also had the chance to work with small groups of students where they played cooperative games, learned about the school farm, considered each other’s feelings, and pondered the concept of point of view.  


Having spent the last few days working closely with your children, we know that they are more than ready for the upcoming year.   


All for now,



Quote of the week:


At the ten minute meetings, fourth grade teachers Jessica and Carrie met with new student, Stella Grote’s dad. He reported that Stella is really loving being a part of the BNS community. She told him, “This place is like summer camp, but it’s school!”





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