We Begin to Hum

Dear Families:


In October, we begin to hum.  We have gotten to know our new class and / or school and we are beginning to feel comfortable.  With that comfort comes the ability to take risks. And with the risks, comes the learning.


Whether we are in Pre-k or Grade four, our classroom community is coming together.  And with that togetherness, there is work to be done. We might be exploring in the woods when we are four, wondering about the shore at the age of five, working in the garden now that we are six, back in the park as seven year olds, cleaning the beach at the age of eight, making things the Lenape way as nine year olds, or contemplating the Maya now that we are ten.  


The most important part of the work is the stretching of our brains.  We are exploring big ideas to generate questions and wonder. We are exploring big ideas to generate curiosity and the desire to know.  As we explore and ask questions, we learn. And then we begin to acquire and use the tools necessary for each of us to make meaning.


In Pre-k and Kindergarten, the primary tool is a combination of sensory exploration, work with our hands, and conversation.  In first grade, we break the code as we discover the power of reading our own books. In second grade, we are in awe of our ability to communicate not just orally, but through the written word.  And as we enter grade three, four and five, we perfect these skills, slowly becoming as literate, articulate, or numerate as our adult teachers, parents and friends. We discover the power of ourselves.


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