Transition, Anticipation, Culmination and Closure

Dear Families:


With June around the corner, we feel that energy related to transition and anticipation.  As we gear up for the summer, please be aware of the work that is continuing here at BNS. June is the month of culminations and closure.  Every grade, every class and every child is working towards a goal. Much of this work will be celebrated on the morning of June 14th when each class will showcase projects, curriculum, music, dance, and more.  Presentations will be diverse with visitors having the opportunity to see artwork, dioramas, bridges, etc. There will be lots to read and lots to reflect on. On this day, you can visit your child’s classroom and others.  Feel free to pop into different grade levels to see what students have been learning. Know that school will be open in the afternoon for families who need the childcare and that busses will only depart at 2:30. Children who stay all day will spend the afternoon with cluster teachers doing sports, art, and enjoying each other’s company and what will hopefully be a beautiful day.  


June 14th is only one of many special days coming up.  On the morning of June 13th, kindergarten classes will perform a musical program highlighting their work with Jalopy.  Come to school early on the morning of June 18th to enjoy Viva Español.  You will get to see how José and Taura work their magic to bring music and fun to the Spanish program.  On June 19th, we will participate in the annual Ecorama, a day in which we learn more about sustainability, the environment and climate change.  Stop by to see students teaching students! June 20th is Field Day, a day when we come together as a community to relax and play in Prospect Park.  Join us.


Of course, these days are only a sampling of our end of the year festivities.  Each grade level has many a trip and experience still to be had, whether it be an excursion to Coffey Park, a day in Coney Island, hanging out on the Zephyr, or enjoying a barbecue.  Such is June.


All for now,



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