Time Slows Down and Speeds Up

Dear Families:


As time slows down and speeds up during the spring of 2020, the year of the pandemic, we find ourselves in reflection mode.  This has allowed us to periodically step back and look at what we have created.  


This past week, we had the opportunity to celebrate that creation when hearing about and from a few of our graduates.  

It began early in May when Tamar Nisbett (above), a BNS graduate now in business school at Stanford emailed to ask if she could interview me to discuss BNS’ transition to remote learning.  In her MBA program, Tamar is taking a class called “Winning Writing” in which one of the projects is to write an op-ed. Tamar is writing about the ways in which the ramifications of COVID19 will extend beyond today, notably with school children and what they have access to. Tamar writes, “I’m so grateful to have attended a school with students from all different backgrounds who were all given the same opportunity once we got to the classroom. I imagine that the opportunities to learn are now dispersed, based on where kids are living.”  Tamar wanted to understand how BNS is handling the transition to online learning, how students and teachers are coping with the change, and what difficulties we foresee with returning to school.  It was a rich conversation and I look forward to reading the op-ed.

Our connection with BNS graduates continued with the launch of Lissie Thomas’ book, Catherine House. https://www.harpercollins.com/9780062999146/catherine-house/  Here is a screen shot of Lissie (right) being interviewed about her writing process.  And here is the link to that interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek2ubEvq3-Y  How exciting it was for us to learn that the diversity of Brooklyn New School was the inspiration for the diversity of the student body at the private university in this science fiction novel!  We haven’t read it yet, but look forward to immersing ourselves in Lissie’s story.


We close this letter with images shared by former BNS student, Aja Brown, educational assistant extraordinaire, who now works with Antoinette and Nancy’s fifth grade class.  The images were created by Aja’s sister, Aya, also a BNS graduate, and now, a brilliant working artist.  These images are of the essential workers on whom we all depend in this difficult time in which we are living.  They include one of Aja herself!

                    Aya in real life

Each of these graduates give us hope for the future, even in this time of fear and anxiety.  Go BNS!


All for now,


Anna and Diane 


Quote of Week:


Working remotely with Zach Ellerbe in Amanda’s second grade class on his drawbridge, Barbara, our science teacher, asked,  “What is the first thing you want to do when you can go out again?”   Her mind started listing:  go on a picnic, go play ball, go to the beach.

Zach’s answer:  “Go to school.”







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