Through Adversity Comes Strength

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Dear Families:

It is June, the first day of the last month of the strangest and most difficult school year in memory.  Or at least we keep calling it difficult.  But we also know that through adversity comes strength.  So perhaps this is what this year has taught us: how to keep going when it is just too hard and how to come together as a community to support one another.  

The month of June is always one of both reflection and planning.  Alongside the reflection is celebration, and through that celebration comes joy.  All of that will be happening this month.  In fact, it has already begun.  

On Sunday, May 23rd, the BNS Band students as well as our songwriters got together to perform for families in Prospect Park.  How amazing to see what our children have learned on Zoom!  Congratulations to all.  

A lot is coming up in June.  Each grade level will have some type of June Share, either on Zoom or outside 610 Henry Street.  These June Shares will give you the chance to see what our children have learned as well as how they learn it.  Students will show work they have done or they will engage in work alongside visiting families.  Make a point of knowing the day and time of your child’s June Share and plan to participate.  

We will also have two weeks of Field Day, making sure to include all the A and B groups, while hoping that our remote students and their parents will participate.  Field Day is scheduled for the weeks of June 14 and 21 and will take place outside our building in the yard, on Rapelye Street and in the ballfield.  BNS Educators will lead a range of fun activities, some of which will have an Ecorama green theme.  Pre-K, kindergarten and first grade students will have field day together while second and third graders will share the fun, and fourth and fifth graders will be together.  

Of course, individual classes and grade levels will have their own personal celebrations including, for example, fifth grade’s picnic in Coffey Park on June 9th and their graduation on June 18th.  

Another important June event will be the Fourth Grade PBAs — Performance Based Assessment panels.  PBAs are a big part of BNS’s curriculum progression, and they give students an individual opportunity to share their learning and reflect on their growth before a panel of curious, listening adults.  These will happen throughout the month of June, in-person and remotely.  To read more about PBAs, click here. To sign up for a panel, click here.

Our closing celebration is on Friday, June 25th, the last day of school.  Officially that is a B day and as always it will run from 8:40 until 2:10. But in addition, it is Watermelon Day and we invite everyone (cohorts A, B, C and D) to drop by the big yard to share a watermelon slice with friends from the grade level. A schedule will be forthcoming and of course, volunteers are needed.  Classes will gather to say hello and goodbye for an emotional day, indeed.  

While all of this excitement is happening, teachers are very busy as they close down their classrooms and plan for next year.  This June is particularly hectic given that room organization did not really happen last year and therefore, classrooms need more inventory assessment than usual.  As well, due to capacity limits, our teachers have been teaching in a variety of rooms.  Now they must consolidate their stuff and prepare for what we hope will be a more typical BNS year in the fall.  

Another important focus requires our grade level teams to spend time, reflecting on this year’s work and planning for next year.  This happens every year, but the uniqueness of 2020- 2021 will require even more thought and deliberation as we look towards bringing together students who were remote and those who were hybrid or here every day.   We begin that process on Thursday, which is a professional development day for all New York City teachers (no school for students).  In order to do this planning effectively, teachers will also be given other time to meet and collaborate.  On those days, a substitute teacher might be with your children.

Tuesday, June 8th is another day that school will not be in session.  On this day, our teachers will begin to break down this year’s classrooms.  

For the first time in many years, BNS will host a summer program, called Summer Rising.  We are very excited about this and strongly encourage you to apply to the program if you have not done so already.  In order to create a wonderful experience for children, some of our staff are taking additional time to imagine a vision for July and August.   You can fill out the applicationmedical form and COVID testing consent and return to Amy.   Applications will not be processed without the medical form and testing consent.

We look forward to an exciting month and hope to see families outside in the schoolyard some time during the next few weeks.  Happy June!

All for now,  

Anna, Diane & Malika 

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