Third Grade Partners with the Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Dear Families:


Our third grade partnered  with the Brooklyn Children’s Museum as a part of their West Africa curriculum. Over the fall, they sent us five kits of artifacts for our in depth study of West African culture.  Artifacts ranged from Asante gold weights, linguist staffs and stools to masks, games, and toys from across West Africa.  Students created a variety of projects using similar materials and techniques, and responding to the stories of the museum’s objects.

Now the artifacts have gone the other way! BCM staff came to our West Africa museum and chose a sampling of our students’ projects to put on display at their museum, alongside objects from the museum’s collection that were the inspiration for the students’ work.


The opening day of the exhibit is Sunday, May 20th, with a special unveiling at 11:15am and special programming between 11-1pm. All BNS families will receive free admission with the flyer on Sunday only. Click here to print out the flyer.  Third graders will receive passes.  


Every third grader’s name is listed as part of the exhibit. Although only a handful of projects are on display, this is a celebration of the entire grade’s work. While they would have liked to take all projects, they could only take a few. They chose projects that showed variety, that closely related to objects in the Museum’s collection, and that were sturdy enough to travel easily.


Hope to see you at the opening!


All for now,



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