The Village Comes Together (again)

Dear Families:


On Tuesday, January 14, Claudia and Malika’s third grade classroom was filled with many big feelings.  The class had experienced a loss: one of their guinea pigs, Milky Way, had passed away the previous afternoon after the children had left for the day.











Milky Way, Claudia & Malika’s class


When Claudia happened upon Milky Way, she broke down, and Barbara, our Science Coordinator, came to check on her. Barbara retrieved a veterinarian’s phone number from Katherine, another third grade teacher.  Knowing that first grader, Frankie’s mom is a vet, Katherine reached out to her to see if there was anything that could be done. At the same time, Claudia called fourth grade team member, Jessica, as her classroom is also a home to guinea pigs.  Jessica raced down the hall to help. Claudia had to leave to get to an appointment so Jessica agreed to stay with Milky Way at the vet’s office. 









Charlie S’More, Jess & Carrie’s class 


The next morning, Rebecca, the vet, came to visit the class.  Claudia and Malika told their children about Milky Way’s passing.  They made space for the children to talk about their feelings and ask questions.   Rebecca performed a veterinary examination on Fudge, their other class guinea pig. She described early warning signs they could all look for to see if Fudge was getting sick, and she reassured the children that Fudge was in good health.












Fudge, Claudia & Malika’s class


It sure does take a village, and at BNS, the village comes together in times of need with just a few phone calls. How reassuring to all of us to know that in a sad time, we will always have each other’s expertise, support, and wisdom. 


All for now,

Anna and Diane





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