The Power of Zoom School

Dear Families:

In our compartmentalized Covid world, it can be hard to keep track of all that is going on.  But every once in a while someone sends an image illustrating the surprising power of Zoom School.

Witness below:

Doug and his kindergarten students participating in Paola’s art class:

The introduction of the concept of Project Time as witnessed in a child’s kitchen:

Carrie and her fourth grade students moving and shaking under the leadership of José and Donna, our teaching artists from the Brooklyn Arts Exchange:

Project Time in action at home:

And just today, just after music with David, Kaia Frans-Fox in Jenn and Kori’s class made a drawing of the song they sang “Wake Me, Shake Me”. She kept on singing at home!

And what about Ilu Marcous-MacLean bursting into song during a closing circle in Jennifer P and Valerie M’s second grade class?:

Ilu closing song


All for now,

Anna, Diane, and Malika

Quote of the Week:

After her first day of Zoom School, Ella Ehrlich, a new student in Jessica’s fourth grade Crew (Jess and Carrie’s class) remarked, “I wish it was tomorrow already so I could go back to school.”


Check the calendar on Konstella and the calendar on the website for updates:



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