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Dear Families:

You may have heard that this summer the NYC DOE will be offering summer school throughout the city.  This exciting opportunity involves a combination of academic and camp experiences.  Each site is partnering with a Community Based Organization.  The YWCA will be providing the camp programming at 610 Henry Street. The person running the Y component of the summer school is Janet Cooper.  Janet has been working with our sister school, BCS, for a number of years so she is a familiar face to many.  

Summer school will be open from July 6 to August 20, every day from 8:00 until 6:00 pm. We are unclear what the expectation is about being here all day long, but students are supposed to participate for the entire summer. Bussing will be provided, bringing students to school at 8:00 and picking them up at 3:00.   Please visit the DOE Summer Rising page to get an overview of the program.

We expect children to have the opportunity to work with the YWCA and our BNS educators, although we are still awaiting further details about the staffing process.

We are including the application and required health form as we need to determine interest.  We understand that the application is long and tedious.   If you want a hard copy of the application, please email Amy.   Please also reach out to Amy if you need help filling out the form.  Return all forms (PDF or hard copy) to Amy in room 207.

Looking forward to a fun filled summer at 610 Henry Street.

All for now,  

Anna, Diane & Malika 

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