Sometimes, projects take more time than we expect

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Dear Families,

One windy Sunday in April 2016, the weather shook loose a panel of stucco affixed to the exterior of 610 Henry St, which came down onto the roof of the school cafeteria. We came in Monday morning to find the newly remodeled yard in various states of disrepair, as temporary safety barricades were installed. The yard had a painted track where our children used to collect Mighty Milers’ progress, a newly completed fence around our garden area, and plenty of open space – earning it the name, “The Big Yard.” 

Over time, sometimes appearing over late nights and weekends, more and more scaffolding and bridges were installed – and, then came the polka dots. Bright orange circles all over the building, noting panels that would be replaced. It took more than a year for the work to begin. And then, onward the project went, with fits and starts, for five years with scaffolding up, taking up a lot of space in our shrinking Big Yard. 

And then, last school year, we came to love and appreciate the scaffolding for cover from sun, rain, and winter weather. Upgrades were made – the construction team installed lighting underneath the walkways to brighten the darker winter days. They re-mapped the shape of the whole structure to give us more available floor space for our morning meet-up spots, creating the area that is our Outdoor Cafe. 

Now, just as suddenly over a weekend, it’s all gone. The project is finished, the new exterior is complete, and the scaffolding is gone. How big our Big Yard is again! So much space to consider and appreciate, and new considerations and inventions are in the works for rainy, snowy days. 

We remember years of fifth grade graduating classes at recess, asking “will this be gone before graduation?” Finally, the answer is yes, but it comes with a sense of melancholy. Sometimes, projects take more time than we expect. Sometimes, we get used to things the way they become, rather than the way they started. 

Last week, Tammy & Sandi H’s PreK class was playing in the yard and one of their students (Dylan) saw Nancy and Alex’s third grade class painting watercolor plants while observing the greenery in the yard with Anna.  They went to the fence to get a closer look and Dylan asked Tammy, “When I get bigger, will I get to do that?”

We are creative and flexible, adaptive and resourceful. With the open space returned to us, we wonder what the Big Yard will inspire next. 

Until next time,


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