Some things we do know: June Share and Retirement

Dear Families:

Be sure to participate in June Share, which will take place next week.  There will be an opportunity to join in your child’s class event as well as the chance to visit ‘museum’ displays of works in other classes in other grades.  Be on the look out for the links and enjoy.  We think you will be delighted by the range of work that you will see.

We can not yet tell you what school will be like in the fall of 2020 because we do not know.  When we find out, we will be certain to share the plans.

There are, however, some things we do know.  We do know that three of our staff will be retiring, readying themselves for a new phase of life.  We say good bye to first grade educational assistant,  Sally, second grade teacher, Maria, and fourth grade teacher, Cora.  We hope that each of them will be able to visit when possible.  

Sally has been with us since 2007 and through these thirteen years, she has been a steady and reliable calming presence in our classrooms.  Sally, who was a teacher in her home country of Guyana, always knew how to break down curriculum and support children in the learning process.  She also knew just when to be there for a child.  Sally knew when to step in and when to step back.  Sally plans to return to Guyana after leaving BNS.

Maria started working at Brooklyn New School right after finishing her student teaching way back in 1992!  She became a second grade teacher and ever since, she has been a second grade teacher.  Maria has consistently taught seven year olds at BNS throughout her career.  The secret to her craft is a simple one.  She has always respected and treated children kindly,  In Maria’s class, kids know they can just be who they are and in such a setting, they become risk takers and doers, off on adventures developed and created by themselves.  

Cora began working at BNS as a staff developer in 2002.  2003 found her with her own class of fifth graders and she has been here ever since.  Cora came to BNS with a wealth of knowledge, having been a teacher at PS 87 in Manhattan. When Josh joined the staff as a teacher of a small class of students with learning disabilities, Cora and Josh began collaborating so that his children and hers would learn from each other.  This developed into a long term ICT partnership, one which we will miss next year.  But don’t worry.  Cora tells us she will be back to help with whatever is needed.  

Let’s not forget: once a BNS teacher, always a BNS teacher.

All for now,

Anna and Diane


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