Small Acknowledgements

Dear Families:

We have resumed our annual tradition of distributing awards for perfect attendance the previous month.  These small acknowledgements serve two purposes. We want to recognize and celebrate the importance of “showing up” for all children who are able to be present and arrive on time every day.  Additionally, this system helps us catch and correct errors in attendance. 

We began this monthly practice a few years ago after receiving feedback about how difficult it is to achieve an annual Perfect Attendance “big award” in June. This monthly update allows kids to strive for all 10 certificates, or most of them, or perhaps just surpass their own collection from the previous year. 

Did you know that after the last day of school in June the attendance system locks and we can no longer make changes or corrections? We ask that you help us check for errors throughout the year – if your child was present and on time for an entire month, but does not receive an award, please email, and we will look into it. 

We try to catch instances when one sibling gets an award and the other one doesn’t, but please reach out because attendance mistakes are made. 

Please note: if children are late because their school bus arrives late, they should NOT be marked late – but sometimes teachers don’t realize that the child came on the bus. Please let us know if your child is a bus rider, but has latenesses on their record. 

All for now,



A Reminder:

At BNS we have a no costumes policy on Halloween.  We want to have a wonderful school day and then send the children off for their family activities.  Please abide by this rule.






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