The heart, activity, outdoors and talk…

Dear Families:

As our school building closes yet again, sending us back into full time remote education, let us take this moment to reflect and celebrate the positives of our current program.

Third grade teachers, Katherine and Nancy, recently hosted a remote lunch for their students new to BNS.  All of these children were in Cohort D, 100 percent remote.  Their reflections offer us some insight into our approach.

Vincent Caiola expressed that his old school, “focused on the brain and focused on getting you to know it and then I changed schools to this school, which I think is more focused on the heart and activity.”  Charlotte Piatt commented on the parent-organized outdoor meetup opportunities that remote learners had experienced. Charlotte said, at her old school, “We didn’t do a lot outdoors. We pretty much stayed inside the whole day.”  While Liam Lefurge added, “The school I went to, in that school we had to be quiet more, but in this school everybody can talk.”

The heart, activity, outdoors, talk, four big ideas that are at the very foundation of our curriculum and clearly still visible and relevant in remote land.

All for now,

Anna, Diane and Malika

Quote of the Week:  

Our school guidance counselor, Dalisa, emailed,to share a conversation between her and her daughter, Juliana Brown, a first grade student in Jennifer D’s crew.  Dalisa wrote, “Sometime this week, I can’t remember the day, as we walked to the car after school, Juliana said,

“Mommy!!! I HAVE to tell you something!  The BEST part of my day was when my class was outside with Johanna and she gave everyone Raspberry Tea. I never had Raspberry tea before. It was SOOOOO GOOD and SOOOOO DELICIOUS!!!””

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