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Dear Families:

We are grateful to Amy Tate, co-president of the PTA, for having the wonderful idea to use this semester as a grand moment of reflection – to take stock of the story of Brooklyn New School.  Join us this Wednesday, January 13, at 6:30 for our PTA meeting, to be followed at 7:00 by part 1 of a 5 part series: 

Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83302325457?pwd=TGxOMXRodEZHc3p3YndsVXJLSDNuUT09

On Wednesday, we will hear from a variety of people, all of whom were instrumental in the making of The Brooklyn New School.  Their stories will ground us as we think back to 1987, the year BNS started, and reflect on the fundamental values that created this very special place. 

Every month, we will hear from other BNS historians, with each panel discussing a different aspect of our school’s formation:

Radical Beginnings, BNS Founding and Vision – January 13

Teaching with a Social Justice Lens – February 10

Science and Sustainability – March 10

The Arts and Education – April 7

Hopes and Dreams: Looking Forward – May 5

As we prepare for this exciting evening, we can’t help but ponder the word democracy.  At BNS, the democratic process is built into the very fiber of our existence.  It is essential and at the heart of every decision and every moment.  

What we saw unfolding on our screens last week at our nation’s capital was instead an erosion of democracy playing out before our eyes.  As educators and as students, we have always been told that fear, hate, and intolerance have no place in America.  This, of course, is the lesson we want to teach our own children, but on Wednesday, we were reminded that in fact fear, hate, and intolerance are at the very foundation of our country’s history.  We deeply believe that education is the solution to this problem.  We will continue to talk to our children about the goings-on in the world, in recognition that knowledge is power. 

Next Wednesday, on January 20, we hope that many of our students will have the opportunity to witness another moment in history. 

With care and hope,

Anna, Diane and Malika

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