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Dear Families:

In the last few weeks, we have been demonstrating the impact of media.  You saw how BNS participated in a social action project, working to gather shoes for Syrian refugees.  Then we shared a video of two of our students dancing on the stage of Carnegie Hall.  This week, we highlight a video about BNS, made as a part of our participation in the Showcase Schools.  We hope you enjoy it.

After that, if you have the time, you might want to listen to this Podcast.  I am honored to have been interviewed as a part of the ongoing series: Women In Charge.

BNS in the news and keeping you busy!

All for now,


Quote of the Week:

On Monday, May 20, during lunch, when Nia Ayinde, a student in Janet and Bill’s first grade, overheard teacher, Monique, telling paraprofessional, Kamaria, that her tooth had cracked, Nia turned around and touched Monique’s hand, as she said, “Let me see your tooth because I care.” Monique opened her mouth to show the crack, resulting in Nia rubbing Monique’s hand and commenting, “Yes, you need to get that tooth fixed because I care.”  She turned around and continued eating her lunch.  A moment later, Nia turned back around, touched Monique’s hand again, and said, “Let me see your tooth again because I care.”



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