Dear Families:


On Wednesday, November 27th, we had our annual parent safety meeting.  Every two weeks, the administration from BNS and BCS meets to talk about building wide issues.  Once a year, we invite parents to join us to discuss safety concerns with school safety. Since attendance was sparse, we share with you the main points that were raised during the session.  

  • First and perhaps foremost, parents are reminded to be sure that their contact information is up to date.  Take a moment to check in with the main office if your address or phone numbers have changed, and be sure that blue cards are always kept up to date in the main office and in our nurse’s office.  
  • A parent raised a concern about safety agents with their earphones in and talking on the phone.  Agent Johnson, the Level 3 or onsite supervisor, explained that not all cell phone communication was personal, and that safety agents needed to be ready to answer calls from supervisors.  It was reinforced that the agents must always be on the alert at the entrance. Parents are reminded that they must always have picture ID when coming into a public school building.  
  • A discussion ensued about management of student movement around the building and the need for school staff to monitor young people as the number of safety personnel  is limited.
  • There was also concern expressed about the need for people to go up the ‘up’ staircase and down the ‘down’ staircase in order to limit stairway congestion.  A discussion followed about signage.
  • Parents are reminded not to exit through the alarmed doors.  Please remember that the only door for safe exiting without setting off the alarm is the front or main entrance.  After 3:00 pm, parents can exit through the AfterSchool door opposite the cafeteria.
  • Agent Johnson informed us that soon there will soon be a School Coordinating Agent.  This agent’s responsibilities will include maneuvering around the building, interacting with the kids, and talking with students and parents.
  • A new Department of Education initiative called “Breakfast in the Classroom” starts today.  This means that children can pick up a bagged breakfast in the cafeteria or front entrance and bring it upstairs to class. This will allow students who arrive late to have access to breakfast throughout the morning. 
  • Staff were reminded to always submit permits for evening functions.
  • Drills were also on the agenda.  People talked about drill requirements, the possible need for a drill after school and at lunch time, and the effectiveness of drills in general.  It was pointed out that you can not hear the PA system in the school yard.

The meeting concluded with the assessment that 610 Henry Street is a very safe building and that students feel safe here.  


Today, we were visited by School Safety in preparation for one day of random scanning.  Every six months, School Safety visits all middle and high schools to randomly scan all students and adults who enter the building.  Since we share our building with Brooklyn Collaborative, we wanted to make you aware of this. If you happen to come to school on that particular day, you too will be subject to scanning.


We thank our safety agents for helping us maintain that positive atmosphere.


 All for now,







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