Performance Based Assessment Season Begins This Week

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The grade level museums are closed with teachers, children, and parents holding lingering memories of the energy and knowledge of those powerful days.  









































We move into the second half of the year with fourth graders turning over the singing to grade five and fifth graders giving the fourth grade their art brushes.  But we are not yet done with the assessment process of third to fifth grade work.

On Wednesday our third grade children will begin doing performance based assessments while on March 8th, our fifth graders will start this process Fourth grade PBAs are later on in the spring.  The third grade PBAs will offer the children an opportunity to tell us what they learned about West Africa while they also reflect on their learning process.  The fifth grade PBAs will focus on the Maya work.


The PBA panels are made up of teachers, both a teacher of the individual student and another colleague, and of parents.  BNS parent Beth Botshon was so struck last year by how much her participation enhanced her understanding of the learning and assessment process here at BNS, she became passionate about wanting every BNS parent to have this experience.  She told us that sitting on a panel should be mandatory for all parents.


We need parents to join panels, to listen in carefully and participate in asking our students reflective questions.  This is an opportunity for you to learn more about what students study at BNS, while providing the children with a realistic, curious audience. You can sign up to participate in a panel for any grade level except for the current grade level your child attends.   We hope to see you in the next few weeks as we embark on this endeavor.  


For more information and to sign up to be on a panel, click here.


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