Parents as Learning Partners: Math for Grades K-1, Tues March 3, 8:20am

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Dear Families:


It happens once a month: Parents As Learning Partners.  And it’s an opportunity not to be missed.  Each month we take a little time to talk with you about the learning process and instruction here at BNS.  Our themes change.  This year we’ve talked about the  library as a part of the learning process, how we assess student progress,  technology in the classroom, literacy in early childhood, the fourth and fifth grade GSA, and homework.  Each session is chock full of information presented by our knowledgeable staff.  We guarantee that you will leave a PLP session feeling that you have learned something.  So keep track of the calendar and when you can, come to Parents As Learning Partners.  


Our next Parents As Learning Partners will be Tuesday morning.  We will focus on math in kindergarten and first grade.  Come to learn all about modeling with number bonds.  You might ask, “What is a number bond?”  Come find out.  You will learn how number bonds help you to see numbers and the relationships between numbers.  You will write word problems that match number sentences.  You will think about how young minds work as they go from the concrete to the pictorial to the abstract.  


Then in April, on the tenth, we will talk about math again.  Only this time we will focus on second, third,and fourth grades.  Come to that session ready to learn how to model math concepts with bar diagrams.  


It will be fun.  See you Tuesday morning.


All for now,


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